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  1. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member

    Motorized Bicycle Canada Reviews:

    Products: Motorized bicycle engine kit seller. The Highest Quality Bicycle Engine Kit around.
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  2. DeathProof

    DeathProof Member

    i bought my GRUBEE SkyHawk GT5 66cc Angle Fire Slant Head Bike Motor Kit from here in canada and was 1 happy customer. i asked questions before buying it in emails and he ALWAYS replied within the hour with the answers i needed and after i bought it he shipped it the same day with ups and i got it 2 days later. i was VERY pleased with this dealer for his professionalism. after i installed it and broke it in, not once did i have a problem with the engine. i gave him 5 stars for great customer service, and delivery. ill definitely deal with these guys again.
  3. tooljunkie

    tooljunkie Member

    As DeathProof mentioned,excellent service,quick shipping and good price.
    Paul answered all my questions almost immediately and even posted a photo of my build
    on the site.
    will also do business with them again,
  4. tooljunkie

    tooljunkie Member

    so,ordered a second engine,service was quicker than the last time.due to an issue with chain quality,i asked him to remove chain as i wasnt planning on using it.
    he subbed in a MUCH heavier chain,and a sprocket i enquired about and spare tensioner.
    paul is right on the ball if you want my opinion.
    gotta send him a thank-you note.
    thanks for reading.