Motorized bicycle CDI box help??

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    I bought a bike berry kit, the standard one, and it runs perfectly fine. Except for every other time I would drive it the Cdi box would either "burn out" or something but every 2 weeks it would break. I know the other parts worked fine beacuse I tested them. Now assuming it was the cdi that breaks on me I'm just asking what cdi box works the best not as in speed but in long lasting!
    Thank you!!!
    -Jack Lemense
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  2. jaguar

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    so you don't care about performance?
    I just received this email: "My bike is very limited with the Rocket Racing CDI presently installed. The unit is very ambient temperature dependent and only works well above 75 degrees F."

    He lives in Pennsylvania and so can only use it 2 months a year. Don't make the same mistake he did. Buy something that provides both performance and reliability.
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    had a customer 4 or 5 weeks ago who said his CDI went out after a week or two - that can happen, but he said another went out, then another - this is very untypical, so I told him to disconnect his kill switch & put the old CDI back on - it's been working fine since

    just a thought
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    I'll try disconnecting the kill switch, thank you!
    Also I do care about performance but not as much as quality and durability and long lasting parts. I'm still new to this and would just like to be able to ride my engine bike to point B then back to point A with out the worry of the bike not working! Thank you for your help!!
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