Motorized bicycle club in 956

Being that this is a world wide forum with most of our membership being in the USA and Canada, I think you will need to identify what and where the "956" valley is in the first place.

Plus the fact that most people would need to get to know you here first, things like pics of your motorised bike build that you ride, etc. etc. etc. helps in getting to know somone new to our
oh snap my bad dude lmao I just got my new bike will post a pic in a bit 956 is Texas, Rio Grande Valley budddddd E
As for me, I'm too far away up here in Alamogordo, NM...My sister in law is from your neck of the flatlands is originally from Brownsville,
You should name off a particular road, city or something. Even looking on Google maps I couldn't find where you were talking about.