Motorized Bicycle Frame questions


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Jul 19, 2020
Hi all, first post so apologies if I've forgotten something. Anyway, I'm looking to throw together a motorized bike. I've done the standard 2 stroke kit before, and this time bought a 4 stroke engine. The engine is rather large (~16"x10"x10") and not at all designed for this sort of thing. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone that has a Felt Phantom Faker Frame knows the length of each leg of the inner frame? Or any frame of that type that's under a different brand. The usable area where the motor goes. I guess maybe as measured from the crank gear, since that has some interference with mounting. I scoured the internet and could not find any information about these dimensions. Also, there appears to be two different types of these frames (that have integrated fuel storage). I'll try to attach some pictures but not sure if it will work. I am particularly interested in the straight framed variant since it seems like it has more space for a long engine, but have found that they're almost all out of stock. There are plenty of the other frame variant available, but I worry about clearance. Is The frame with the curvier bottom the new version that replaced the other? I'm pretty confused about it all. I contacted a few sellers about the dimensions and none have been helpful. If anyone happens to have the measurements definitely let me know and specify which frame its for; I really want to pull the trigger on one of these frame kits but want to know if my motor will fit. Honestly any information on these frames would be helpful in general. Thanks!


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Hi, big, and welcome to the madness, lol!

Your best bet would be to do searches on both mb forums.

Then you'll fid out which frames work or not.

You'll also find little tips, what works, what doesn't etc.

Good luck.

Which engine are you using?