Motorized bicycle in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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    Hi all,

    I built a motorized bicycle more out of necessity. Because the public transport here is the worst. I use my motorized bicycle whenever I can. If I take public transport, it would take me 2 hours at least to get to the office, which is only 20 kms away. So that would make it about 10km/hour.:rolleyes:
    But it's not speed, it's the waiting and that the bus has to go all the way to the city to connect to another bus...Also, a can of sardines would have more room than the bus. Actually, I have another word for commuters here: 'Victims of Public Transport'. Taxis are just a nuisance here, they don't usually want to go where I live, even if I pay extra. They would give all sorts of excuses saying they're too tired, they have a headache, etc, etc...

    I would have gotten a car, but I don't like driving here, and there's license, insurance, road tax, etc. etc...

    If I use my motorized bicycle, as you all know can go much faster than 10 km/hr. So I reach the office in about 45 min, more or less. Even faster now, because I have installed the new shifter kit from SBP. I had a lot of challenges building this bike, since bicycles are not that popular here. So most of the parts I had to get from other countries. Another challenge was that most of these online shops do not ship internationally. I had to ask some of my friends to ship it to me. I really don't understand why most online shops do that. They put up a website for the whole world to see and then say that they can't ship internationally. It's like saying, 'You can just dream about it'. Then why do other shops can and why others cannot?

    I want to thank all the online shops who made this possible and ship internationally. To the other online shops that do not ship internationally, you're missing a lot of market share...start shipping internationally...

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    A fine looking bike. And congratulations for building it through hardships that we'd find hard to believe. I"m also sorry to hear that your public transportation is as bad as all that.

    But after all that, it looks like you have your transport in good shape.

    I'm gonna guess that maybe vendors don't ship outside of the bigger markets because of red tape. Now there's a matter that globalization should tackle.
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    welcome -- looking forward to hearing more from Malaysia

    be careful when you RIDE THAT MB THING
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    Thanks... I still plan to make further modifications. Install a pocket bike engine with 7HP, 12,000 RPM 48cc. I'm still working on the engine mounts and jackshaft. Probably can go more than 100kph ++.
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    Yup, it's pretty difficult to keep safe on the roads of Malaysia. Almost all drivers and motorists don't care about bicycles. They all drive so fast. Statistics show that there are about 6,000 fatalities in a year due to road mishaps. And when accidents happen, there's always more than 2 vehicles involved. They don't slow down when turning and they use the speed bumps to test how tough their shocks and wheels are. I can always here them bottom out their shocks when they go through speed bumps, and hear the scraping of metal on the speed bumps. Poor speed bumps...:grin: That's also one reason why I don't like driving here even if I could. I think the MB is still safer. And I do use the freeway... So far, I just had a minor incident when the front wheel lifted twice, about 2 feet in the air, when I combined engine, and pedalling in 3rd gear, making a right turn going uphill. My upper lip popped, and had a road rash on my chin. The road rash was more painful that my popped upper lip. But all has healed up, as if nothing happened. The fuel tank got a small dent when the handle bar hit it, and that's just about it.

    Drivers and motorists here forget what that middle or left pedal is for. :grin:
    Also, if you buy a used car here that's been driven for 5 years, the brake pads would still be new. :grin: So, most of the brake pad dealers here have gone out of business... :grin:
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    Hello Techno.
    Simply, welcome. Im glad you found your way here!