Motorized Bicycle on page 48 of Make Magazine

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  1. I pick up Make Magazine every now and then and this latest issue has an article on Page 48 about a guy who bought a kit and after 3 years he finally put it together. Now a really great nuts and bolts article but good for some exposure to our hobby/passion. The picture shows a nice conversion with a Stinger kit on a cruiser frame with a springer front end. Some other good articles on Karts, scooters etc. It's worth at least looking at it on the news stand. If you go to their website you can get 5 issues at a really good rate. It's published quarterly.

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    if you can't find a copy of the magazine, you can actually read it online here:

    Make Magazine MB article

    they have a PBS TV show,too, that I have been lucky enough to catch a few episodes of.
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    Two years on the laundry counter...can't understand why his "wife wasn't going to put up any longer with lost counter space". Immm I guess they just don't understand.
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    The article ends with a nice link back to the OTHER mb forum

    Guess we got left out here!
  5. We will have to reply in a letter to the editor about our forum!
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    still! its still an 2 page article about our passion! also, picked up a issue when it was released. cool drill powered cart.
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    Should of had this forum listed
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    ehy man, im not saying im cool with the neglect, but its still something.