Motorized bicycle registration in Quebec?

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    Hi everyone!

    I live un Quebec, Canada, and I want to know if there is anyone who tried to register their motorized bicycle in Quebec?

    The laws here dont seem to allow us to ride on public road so I asked an officer about this and he just said to me that a motorized bicycle is allowed on public road if we follow the moped regulations.

    Then I sent an email to the SAAQ to ask them for the moped laws ans regulations and the answered me that I can't register my motorized bicycle because it is ''impossible to meet moped regulations''

    What is wrong with them!?!

    I have traveled 1100 km with a 31cc Ryobi weed wacker engine and I have seen a lot of cops, they never pull me over even if I was going a 50km/h.

    Now I have build a whole new bike (a beach cruiser with a grubee skyhawk engine) to register it as a moped and the SAAQ said that they will never let me to register it...


    How I can make my dream a reality? :confused: