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    Bike Bug LLC® worked very hard at developing a Rear Wheel Rim and Spokes - That will not twist or break under the additional, constant torque developed by a bicycle engine. We went to the motorcycle industry and first thing we noticed was the rim had an internal upset section in the center. We were told this upset or bend in the steel meant those forces embedded in the steel would have to be overcame before the wheel would twist. The second were the spokes were heavy gauge steel and short - so we used as heavy a gauge spoke at an economical price and prototype several rim designs.

    We tested the designs on friction drive, chain drive and belt drive bicycle engine systems - thus started production of what we think is the safest motorized bicycle wheel on the market.

    - The Engineering Principle of Steel that is bent must be overcome before it can bend differently - stops this rim from twisting.
    - The heavier steel spokes prevents them from breaking.
    - The indented spoke nuts into the rim upset also help protect the tube from puncture.

    Solid Steel Rim with 12 Gauge Spokes -
    - Upset Reinforced Rim with spoke heads recessed includes rear brake arm and mounting bracket.
    - 26″ X 2.125″ 12 Gauge 36H 1.4T that matches 26″ 2,125″ tire
    - Spoke: 12 Gauge 257mm with steel nipple
    - Rear Coaster Hub 3/8″
    - 12 Gauge 36 H 110 W 140mm
    - Free wheel 18T with flange nut.
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    sooooo, do you have a link to it?
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    is it under $29 & threaded for 7 speed freewheel? (I'm not crazy enough to ride a coaster brake at 40mph)
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    nothing wrong with coaster brakes if they're properly maintained and used in conjunction with a front drum or disc
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    You mean aside from a serious reduction in suspension and a broken chain meaning you have no rear brake. Yeah, nothing wrong with coaster at all.


    IMHO, coaster brakes are unsuitable for anything that goes faster than 15MPH. They scream "amateur!" on a motor-assisted bicycle.
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    you shouldn't be breaking chains. buy heavy duty bmx chain, not 7 speed junk from wal mart.

    coasters clean up the appearance and keep you from having more levers than hands, and if done properly the only thing you sacrifice is modulation.

    I've got many thousands of miles on my bikes and every one of them have exceeded 40 mph, several exceeding 50. every one has had a front disc and a rear coaster. not once have I broken a chain or had an issue with "reduction in suspension", whatever you mean by that.
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