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Hey, I just made a motorized bicycle. Really cool I love it. I would post a picture if I knew how. I just have a slightly leaky head gasket, and I have already tightened the head bolts down to 15 lbs. Anyone have any ideas on how to keep it from leaking. It leaks a little bit of oil. It has one of those mettal gaskets. I was thinking of putting a little sealer or something on it. Take the head off and clean it and put some kind of silicone on it.[/img]


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I asume that you are tighting the head down in a X patteren, like you would when changing a car tire.
I would pull the head off and check for any imperfections on the head, cylinder, and the gasket it self. Look for cracks or casting flaws that would allow for oil to escape. A leak will not only cause oil to escape, but it will also rob you of compresion and power.
I hope this helps.


Compression leak

Hey, I did not think of the compression problem. Kind of like a revolver gun where some of the gas escapes out of the chaber and barrel area hu?


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