Motorized bicycles are considered mopeds in Oregon

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    Motorized bicycles are considered mopeds in Oregon; and mopeds must have lights, horn, flashers, and meet other standards. Mopeds must be licensed and insured, and the operator must have a valid drivers license. One can dig that information out by following different threads on ODOT, a bureaucratic maze of conflicting statements and jargon. (That way, they can interpret the laws any way they want.)

    I often fix up old Honda Trail 90s, and just to change the title costs $50.00. ODOT has made an art from bureaucracy right from the Soviet Union's play book. The state, like gatekeepers, will not license any motorbike having a VIN number that starts with "L", because the special interest groups in Oregon know that an "L" designates something from China.

    I once traded two Honda Trail 90s even, to a dealer for a pristine Yamaha XT225 dual sport, one of my favorite bikes of all time. Also, I sold a Chinese dual sport 200cc bike to the dealer. I had wiggled my way through ODOT and got it licensed. My friend tried to sell his Chinese 200cc dual sport a month later, and the dealer bought it also. But, the laws had changed, and neither he nor the dealer knew it. The dealer got stuck with the Chinese bike, and couldn't sell it because of the "L" in the VIN number. Go figure.

    Since I live in the country, I'm going to build my motored bike as stealthy as I can. I'll probably figure out how to change the kit's gas tank that makes the bicycle look more like a motorcycle. I'll do some other things to make it appear neutral and blend into the surroundings without getting in their face with it.

    If there are ways to get around Oregon law with motored bikes, other than Electric power, I would like to know how. Maybe someone from Oregon on this forum knows how to do it?

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