Motorized Bicycles Laws and Registration California


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May 23, 2017
Hi, I couldnt really get help elsewhere but i thought this would be a good start to a definite answer. Im 19 and soon plan to purchase a bike and install a motor kit onto it. It will be a 2 stroke 66cc/80cc Bicycle Engine Kit capable of 3.85 horsepower. I plan to install this on a 29" Genesis Onex Beach Cruiser with disk brakes. Soon I'll have a motorcycle license as well, but in the meantime I'm wondering what, if any, registration I'll need for this motorized bicycle to make it street legal. I've read the DMV pages and forms but it can get confusing and was wondering if you people, who have much more experience here, could help me in a direction.
If any additional info or specification is needed or wanted just ask, whatever makes this easier and less confusing the better.
Also please be gentle i dont know anything at all haha