Motorized bicycles of the USSR

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    Russia and Republics have vast rural expanses and putting a small bicycle engine on any bicycle started becoming popular way back. So finally the Leningrad bicycle factory started making a reinforced bicycle specially for a motor, with bigger tires, stronger bigger rims, and a telescoping front fork. Well, that's the jist of what this guy is speaking about here. If you understand Russian, then all the better. Enjoy! =-)

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    Looks almost the same as the Grubee engine. So have you made any friends of other motorized bicycle riders? Here I try not to make any friends because I would then be spending all my free time helping them learn how to maintain their rides, which they obviously don't know how to do. I offered to teach a class to the clients of the distributor here but he never acted on my idea. After the sale is made these latinos don't give a ****.
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    It's probably the engine the Chinese tried to copy, though it's supposed to be only about one HP. It does have a steel cylinder sleeve, but that wont make porting any easier. It's a D4 or D6 or D8. The most interesting thing seems to be the wheels and gas tanks on these. Although now it's becoming possible to find biggger/wider rims and do some dual disc brakes. Maybe that drum brake hub in front could be assembled with dual disc brakes on it too. It's just kind of neat to see what the engineers did when tackling the problem of higher speeds and a motor on a bicycle.
    I found a forum here the other day and saw a video of a news report about a club. Russian do it yourselfers are usually very proud and dig deep into any technology easily. They usually won't ask for help. Simple riders would never ride one because they know they would have to learn everything and do everything themselves. They do help each other on their forum though, just like here. It even has a social network and it helps you find local riding clubs. After glancing at the photo gallery of girl riders, I just decided to register! =-)))
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    Heh! It turns out to be all guys and those girls on the bikes are just their girlfriends or something %-D I did find plenty of other riders in my area though...
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    Here's a few interesting pics I just found. I think they are Russian made bikes.

    Check out the last three photos on the right end of the top row:

    Look at the Red chopper here(definitely made in Russia, from Riga-bike parts) :

    Here's a 1939 German Bismark:

    Check the one at the bottom right corner:
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    LL, thanks for posting.
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    Privyette, Tovarische!!! Punemyo- is dem clever motorbike, nyet? I noticed the yellow job had no pedals and sported quite a bit of rust