Motorized Bicyclist Killed


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Nov 14, 2018
The bicycle lane can be dangerous. It might feel safe when your riding along at 30 mph.
But cars coming out of driveways will see you and not realize your going 30+ mph and pull out in front of you.
Same with cars in front of you, They see you in their mirrors but think your only going 10 -15 mph and turn right in front of you.
I learned the hard way, I was riding in the bike lane going about 25 mph passing cars and a car turned right in front of me I side swiped his car I guess he saw me at the last second or I would of T boned him. Yea it's a b*tch always gotta be on the defensive.
One reason I like to be able to do 45 mph on my M/B, I can ride down the middle of the road. I get over to the right and let cars pass that come speeding up behind me. But only when it's safe and as long as I'm doing the speed limit the car just might have to wait until it's safe for me to get over and let him pass.
I've never been down Yet on my M/B. They say it's not if you go down it's when you go down.
So always wear a helmet and be smart when it comes to traffic always think everyone don't see you. Ride defensively


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May 6, 2020
Yes,,, watermelon on,,, gloves for sure...
And we can get LED head lamps that stay on or blink...

Next too nill for battery power 👍

I think im going to wear my vest,,, and a 6 foot pirate flag,,, we can get a blinking tip on them as well...

Arrrrr, , , Shiver Me Timber theres lads,,, lets concur those street,,, check our unit's before each ride,,, and think ahead and heed the crap behind us...

360 degree lets say...

Watermelon helmit Head Don