Motorized bicyclists are exempt from statutes if they build their ride themselves...

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    If you'll look in your state's statutes, you'll find some mention about a Manufacturer's Statement of Origin (MSO) or Manufacturer's Certificate Origin (MCO). The statute will mention that whenever you purchase a new vehicle from a dealer, the dealer is to forward the MSO/MCO straight to THE STATE OF [CROOKERY]. This is how you get suckered into registering your vehicle... having to be licensed, insured, etc.

    If you build a kit car, some of them will provide you with a metal plaque so that you can etch in your own name as the manufacturer, and the VIN is blank, too... so you can create that to be 0987654321 if you really wanted. What makes you think that motorized bicycles are any different?

    If you are the 100% owner, WHICH YOU *ARE* IF YOU DON'T REGISTER YOUR "VEHICLE" (conveyance, carriage, whatever)... then you just need to (1) not harm anybody, (2) not harm anybody's property, & (3) not commit fraud in your contracts. If you can follow those three things, you won't be breaking Common Law and should be good to travel wherever you please.

    If someone says that you're driving, or they ask for your driver's license... you must rebut such an atrocious presumption, "I AM NOT A DRIVER; I AM MERELY TRAVELING."

    You must realize that you are sovereign, and obviously... you must know what that term means. You are not subject to anyone, other than God. Government officials have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution, which protects your rights.... and was created by "We the People", who, if you remember earlier, was created by God.

    -> Man
    ---> Constitution
    ------> U.S. Government
    --------> U.S. Citizen

    Members of the U.S. Government took an oath to uphold the Constitution. Judges, cops, all of 'em. You never took such an oath, but so long as you are living peacefully under God's Law, then no man should be able to touch you. God's Law could be what the Amish believe, it could be what a Rastafarian believes, a Catholic, Christian Anarchist, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, etcetera. Man's understanding of God's Law is best understood as Common Law, which essentially states that you don't eff with another being.

    Just do that and you shouldn't have any problems.

    If you do have problems, then come to this very thread and I will tell you how you should have/could have handled the situation differently.

    For example, do not offer your last name to the officer, otherwise he will presume that you are entering a contract with him. "My mother gave me the name Thomas. What's your name?"... should suffice.

    In my state, and several others, you are only required to identify yourself by your first name. That's it. No ID. No license (if you're not driving, of course, which we're not; we're merely traveling; driving = commercial transportation). Nothing but your God-honest name. If you lied, then you'd be committing fraud and are breaking both God's and man's law.

    We'll continue this tomorrow. :detective:

    If anybody has an example, trouble state that they need help with... I'll do my best to tell you what I would do.
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    Here's something I posted elsewhere in response to a citizen of Louisiana asking about individual ordinances across the state (hint: that's a waste of time when you've got the Constitution on your side)...

    "As long as Louisiana is part of the United States of America.... then, by golly, you deserve the same rights as citizens of the other states... as sworn by EVERY government agent to uphold the U.S. Constitution, which states:

    It's that simple. The Creators of the Constitution knew that the people inherently know right from wrong. If murder is truly unlawful, then all 50 states will outlaw and *and* never provide licensing for it. (Anything you are able to get a license for is obviously lawful!!)

    For a lawful act, perhaps only 49 states will "permit" it, and then you've got some corporation like THE STATE OF NEW YORK screwing up everything that is "standard", however... thanks to the U.S. Constitution... *all* New Yorkers deserve the same privileges and immunities as *all* the citizens of the several states."
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    This must be some kind of joke right?

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    This is as serious as it gets. Are you having a problem understanding God's law, or the constitutional republic, which we created?

    Do you believe that the Boys in Blue have special powers that God didn't give all the other men in town... or do you believe that they are all held equal before and under the law, as well as you and I??

    Do you people understand that you have un-a-lien-able rights, one of which is to bear arms [and to also form a militia!!], the others weren't enumerated within the constitution, but were understood to be sacrosanct, God-given rights... such as the common law right to travel??

    Lawyers have created a new language, called Legalese, which looks a lot like English, but IT'S NOT ENGLISH!!!
    It's the SAME way in Black's Law Dictionary as well. Many states are like that. Even the U.S. Code says that a "motor vehicle" is a device used for commercial purposes only.

    Read the link above about "I AM NOT A DRIVER; I AM MERELY TRAVELING". It'll answer just about everything you'd ever need for a government agent. Just show them the DL brief [and act like you understand it, of course] and they should dismiss any case where you were not actually employed to drive, consented to the jurisdiction of the corporate agency, or broke the law (harmed someone, harmed someone's property, committed fraud in your contract).

    These are questions you should be asking yourself when traveling in ANY vehicle, not just a motorized bike....

    (1) Does THE STATE hold a legal or equitable interest in my automobile? (i.e. - Manufacturer's Statement/Certificate of Origin, or state registration/title)
    (2) Does THE STATE have evidence that your possession or use of the automobile is unlawful? (i.e. - are you using it on public roads for private gain? have you damaged property? have you injured someone?)
    (3) Does THE STATE have your permission??

    That last one is a doozy. They have many sneaky ways of getting you to agree. Asking "Do you understand?" several times, as seen in eltater's thread, is a good way for you to unknowingly consent.

    They can ask for your legal name, and if you give it to them, you are contracting with them. Instead of just offering your name, why not ask... "If I answer that, will I be entering a contract with you?" -or- "Am I obliged to do/have such a thing?"

    If you say you're a person, or a citizen (without clarifying which type of citizen you are).... then they'll presume you are a statutory citizen (the one that is inferior to the U.S. Government on the map above), instead of a constitutional citizen (one below Common Law, but clearly above U.S. statutes).

    There are LAYERS AND LAYERS of presumptions and assumptions that you must rebut every step of the way.

    Or you could just discover who you are today, write out what you are *and* aren't... give it a title of "Notice of Understanding & Intent and Claim of Right"... serve it to the "offending" corporate government, and then they should be a tad bit more prepared for your future encounter, where you should have another copy of your Notice & Claim on hand. According to the UCC, they *must* accept, acknowledge the Notice. If you throw in something at the bottom, like "If you don't show proof of a superior claim *and* answer all my questions provided... you will go into a state of dishonor and lose any chance to claim what I just claimed above."... and then, once you get it notarized... you can effectually create a default judgement that every judge in the country will have to accept, acknowledge, AND respect.
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    One biggie that I forgot about

    (3) Does THE STATE have your permission??
    see the part in bold below, which I have copied from elsewhere

    Joinder of a Natural and Artificial Person

    What is Joinder?

    Black's Law Dictionary Revised 4th Edition

    Joinder, Joining or coupling together, uniting two or more constituents or elements to one, uniting another person in some legal step or proceeding, union concurrence

    How must it occur?

    Black's Law Dictionary Revised 4th Edition

    Voluntary, Unconstrained by interference, unimpelled by another's influence, spontaneous, acting of oneself. Proceeding from the free and unrestricted will of the person.

    Why must it be voluntary?

    Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    December 10,1948
    Article 4: No one shall be held in slavery or servitude, slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.

    notes: to force you to represent these artificial persons is a form of slavery

    How can it occur?

    Black's Law Dictionary Revised 4th edition

    Tacit - Existing, inferred, or understood without being openly expressed or stated, implied by silence.
    (If you don't say "No" you just said "Yes")

    Tacit Acceptance. IN CIVIL LAW a tacit acceptance of an inheritance (position) takes place when some act is done by the heir (person) which necessarily supposes his intentions to accept and which he would have no right to do but in his capacity as an heir (person)
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    You, my friend are way out in left field somewhere. Tell you what, take the plates off of a car and drive around until a cop pulls you over. Fight it all the way to the US Supreme Court. You could have any lawyer of your choosing and any preacher of of your choosing. You will loose. Guaranteed! Because you are not only wrong but you have bought into some very disturbing ideas.:dunce:

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    Could you be more specific when you say "I'm wrong"?

    Provided that you have gotten the MSO/MCO straight from the original dealer... or you can "redeem [a used car] with lawful money"... you will retain 100% ownership of the vehicle.

    And in our example of manufacturing our own bikes... we are adding value to pieces that weren't originally planned for each other, for private fun, recreation, travelling, etc (not driving or transportation!! of course you have the right to travel on whatever vehicle one whatever public roads, just see the Supreme Court cases above in the DL Brief link, which *are* law).. The government CANNOT stop us from doing such a thing without stopping the commercial outfits that are importing them. THE STATE cannot stop a farmer from adding value to seeds, nor can they stop a private mechanic, carpenter from contracting to labor.

    As long as we are in possession of rightful, lawful motor & bicycle... we can put them together without needing to register. YOU manufactured it. Nobody can FORCE you to register, get a VIN, get a license, etcetera!! That would be in violation of everything that we know that is the basis of religion, individuality, rights, duties, specifically duties in the Constitution that the government cannot overstep... as to slavery, "involuntary servitude", etc. (Listed in all the places I told you to look earlier -- U.S. Constitution, U.S. Code, STATE constitution, STATE Code; they all must pledge an OATH to not force anything upon anyone who hasn't infringed on another's rights)

    All your "crimes" (no injured party?) & all your punishments for such "crimes" are commercial.

    Even in the court room, the prosecutor will try to get you to contract. Then the clerks will try to get you to contract with them, and sign your name as defendant. Why would you sign the paper? You think they're going to shoot you if you don't?

    It's all commercial, contractual, consensual...


    Repeat after me.................

    on, and for the Record..

    > I do not consent
    > I object
    > I decline to contract
    > I disallow You Power of Attorney
    > I challenge your supposed Jurisdiction,

    and ..
    repeat ... :)
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    I suppose you believe in pink elephants too. But this is never going to end so have fun in life and good luck to you. Nothing else to say to you.

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    I believe that I am a man, not a pink elephant or other animal!!

    I believe that the officer I deal with is a man.

    I believe that the prosecutor I deal with is a man.

    Same for the clerks & judge. All just men/women in Common Law jurisdiction, bound by the same documents that all public employees, and members "in" or "within" a society, and otherwise "subject" citizens are bound by. These are documents of which I never consented to... and as a sovereign, I do not feel the need to do such a thing or become apart of any society that will degrade me, morally, by causing me to become so entranced in a society of $$$ and words that I forget we're all equal before and under the Law of God.
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    This is some of the most absurd advice I have heard in quite a while. Sparky, can you honestly say that this is nothing more than hypothetical? Have you used any of these "arguments" (I am not a driver, I am merely traveling", et al) successfully against law enforcement?
    Saying things like that and "My mother gave me the name Thomas. What's your name?" probably won't find a sympathetic ear and more than likely find you being hauled into the slammer under suspicion of DUI.
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    If you refuse to give your last name, you might have to spend 3 nights in the slammer. :whistling:

    But I can afford to do that in order to make a solid & valid point.

    And, yes, I am actually using the "I'm not driving; I'm travelling" method as we speak. I went to arraignment for "No DL on Person" and "No Tag Light" and plead Not Guilty, even tho I should have not plead at all!!

    I learned my first mistake was in pleading!! I signed a piece of paper that I shouldn't have... but, no worries... my statutory punishment is no punishment. So I'm lucky in that I get to spout all this stuff at trial and not have to be afraid of anybody screwing with my life.
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    Actually... my first mistake was in not objecting that I did not need a drivers license, since I was NOT transporting commercially or making private gain. I just let them run my social & other credentials after going thru a roadblock... and then they come at me with these two citations, not warnings!

    I'm gonna throw the book at 'em!!:detective:
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    I don't think that the Constitution is hypothetical. If you do, that's on you.

    I find that Article 4, Section 2 is very relevant in many issues that we face today.

    It sucks that I don't live in Oklahoma, where their statute gives MBers the privilege/immunity to run red lights and travel at like 35 mph (maybe just 30?)... but then again it doesn't suck at all because I know my rights... *and* because these government officials took an oath to uphold, what was that agian....??? The U.S. Constitution?!? :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:

    I was gonna show you an example of a good list of cross-eamination questions, but it's on another computer. It was basically a PDF that showed the results in pie-chart format of cops who were asked if they knew what they pledged an oath to... and it was only yes or no answers!! Very pitiful results. Guaranteed with that list of questions, 50+% of the cops are going to carp their pants. I could probly get a cop fired in court, and I just might have to. :veryangry:

    Anyway... here's something similar to the oath interegation!!

    Just serve this at a roadblock. :)
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    Sparky, sir, best of Luck! You're gonna need it!
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    I promise I won't. Not this time at least. Maybe elsewhere. But I will be serving Notice & Claim to many agencies of the local government.... just still perfecting, since I'm in no hurry.

    Here's another link I came across. Haven't read it all the way thru, but there is A TON of good stuff in here.....
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    this all makes a good read...
    I always say, "aint illegal unless you get caught"
    but I live in a 3rd Right Nanny camp called NSW Autralia.
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    Australia is *definitely* Common Law jurisdiction as well!! So is Canada, the UK, etc. You should have no problem with this stuff, but your statutes will be numbered & labelled differently. For example, Canada has the Controlled Drugs & Substance Act, while the USA only has the Controlled Substance Act. Same for Canada having the Bills of Exchange Act.... USA has the Uniform Commercial Code.

    Different name, same *exact* substance.

    I've heard that as long as you are on LAND, you can claim Common Law jurisdiction. You, more or less, have to bring the Common Law with you wherever you go.
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    Oscar Wilde: 'If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.'
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    Oh I am laughing![​IMG]

    Terry (my mother gave me the name)
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    its times like this i say yipeee ..

    i love AUSTRALIA