Motorized bike 38 cc less then 30 mph legal?Or will no one care


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Aug 6, 2008
I don't have a drivers license but I want to ride the motorized bike on the road. The only real reason i would want to ride it on the road is in Connecticut it is very hilly where i live and makes it an easy ride into town, but an impossible ride back up. So i want to know do you think anyone would care if it is not legal but it doesn't look legal to me. The pedals are useless but i can still move them but it does nothing. People in my town have called the cops before for riding dirt bikes on the road but never a moped or a motorized bike. I was also thinking just go there and get out before any cops come because i think if they don't here it that much they won't call. What do you think I should do, ride on the road or just stick it to the yard and back roads.
you can try playing the i didnt know officer trick. as for the ppl that call the cops for a little noise. well ask them if they can call on the ice cream man as well lol cause its silly but i think the general rule is if the pedals work its under 50cc and isnt over 80Db you can ride it in a bike lane or 25mph road. go where your nose takes you!
There is no "general rule". Not for engine displacement, not for speed, not for noise levels, not even for whether or not it is at all legal to motorize a bicycle.

What there are, are 50 seperate state codes, and untold hundreds (thousands?) of local ordinances in every podunk little burg across this country. Many of which are contradictory within jurisdictions, certainly across jurisdictions, and frequently totally unknown to the cops and traffic courts.

Look up the Connecticut code, tyler, then check county ordinances, city/town/village codes, or (in many cases) university rules. What you do once you are informed is your decision, but wearing a helmet, having at least minimal lighting/reflectors mounted, and an effective muffler will, in combination with safe riding habits, help you avoid notice. If the cops don't notice you, they can't ticket you.