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    I'm selling my motorized bicycle because I need to clear space in the garage for a motorcycle build. It's got maybe 10 miles on the motor. Was a fun project, and a joy to ride, but the wife has mandated it leave the house before the next toy comes in.
    7b.jpg 6b.jpg

    Parts include:
    • 48CC Motor - includes all parts from Silver Jet 80 Standard Angle Fire bicycle engine kit ( from Piston Bikes, ~ $189 @ purchase)
    • Cimatti City Bike Moped Tank - petcock in perfect condition, no rust in tank - assembly was still new in box from the 70s when I bought it (going for an average of $125 on eBay now. See for similar posting that sold for $110. Original tank also included.)
    • High performance air filter (~$20 @ purchase)
    • NGK spark plug and wire
    • Upgraded throttle assembly (from Sick Bike Parts - HD NT - ~$25 @ purchase)
    • Heavy-duty chain
    • Upgraded brake/clutch pulls (original included)
    • 26" Springer forks (~$40 @ purchase)
    • Frame and rims are a Walmart Schwinn - nothing special, but it's included, along with an upgraded Origin 8 threaded headset

    Email for images of individual parts if needed, or for detailed photos of the above.
    Bike shown has been disassembled for ease of sale.
    Two things to note: missing three bolts on clutch cover, and the frame needs minor cosmetic work.

    Would love to get $200 - with the upgraded parts, extras, and new tank, there's far more than that in value here - but am very open to offers.

    Please message me if interested.
    I'm in St. Petersburg, FL, btw, but obviously will ship.
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    I would love to buy your bike but it has no set and I barely have 50$ and I know you will not sell it for that much so I can try my best to get 50$, a used bike that is worth about another 50$ but if you fix the gears it will be worth about 100$, and if you want any more money I can pay you some money monthly if you trust me so please get back with me and help me so I can get back and forth to work thanks and please get back I touch with me.