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    Friction Driven Bike Build

    Well guys i got my 30CC Ryobi weed wacker engine with my 100mm long Machined Spindle all done. My dads friend made it for me on the lathe with a 3.1cm ( 1 1/4 inches ) in diameter pole of aluminium. Then we shinned it by taking a layer off to give it the shinny look rather than the white look, then we used this little piece that rolls on the pole to make big deep horizontal lines down the pole to make it all grippy. Then we threaded it all to screw it straight on to the shaft, It took about 40mins to do it all.

    Tomorrow i have to make the motor mount which will be made part with wood ,part with metal, it shouldnt take long and the bike should be done either tomorrow or the next day. Ill have pics up tomorrow night.

    Thanks guys, i was originally going to use a bike peg for the friction drive spindle but the thread was to big so it wouldnt work and the new one is much bigger and better. The bike peg was 2.5cm and the new one is 3.1cm in diameter so its going to have more top speed now.


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    Good luck !!
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    Man i didnt have a camera with me today, im annoyed coz i really want to show everyone my spindle, its so wicked!!! Tomorrow is going to be awesome, cant wait, its going to be hard to sit through school all day thinking about it.
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    Well im thinking this wood mount os going to be too weak and a lot harder, should i just hard mount it, so get some steel peices and weld one to the bike, the other to the frame. I wouldnt be able to adjust it but it would be bloody strong. I have a normal bike so i dont really need to make it adjustable as im not going to ride it without the motor.

    Do you reckon the wood mount would be to weak?
    Please reply ASAP as ill be making the mount after school so ill check it before i do.


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    yeah i dont really thing the wood is a very good idea. im in the process of making my first bike too right now but i think the wood is going to be weak and through time it will warp and maybe crack. i think i would take the extra time to make it out of steel. Im doing mine all steel but its chain driven. It was originally going to be friction drive but the spindle that i made got bent, so now im going to make chain drive. good luck on it and keep us updated. i should have mine done either tommorow or the next day too. good to find another young person on here. Im going to college right now but im on summer break. but working 12 hour days so i dont hardly have any time to work on it. well again good luck and hope to see some pictures in a couple days.
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    yeh, im just going to direct mount it with steel bars, non adjustable for now. Maybe if i need it to be adjustable ill make a new mount later on. I just want it finished. It should be done by today then paint it friday.
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    well i did make it adjustable XD, i got some steel sort of L shaped poles to make it all. Im almost finished, tomorrow ill be finished then friday ill ride it a bit then take everything off again then paint it all Matte Black. It looks really good and its fully adjustable so its good. In its highest position it sits like 10mm of the wheel but o well its good enough, in its lowest it could touch the rim.

    Its really strong and it turned out well. Ill have pics up Friday as i got the day of school YAY!!!. I cant take them tomorrow as i go straight after school so i cant bring my camera to school.

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    COOL congrats on your custom work! Cant wait to see what you came up with.
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    yeh its a wicked design my dad and me came up with. Its really easy and never been done before i think, also really really strong and almost no welding at all. Do you no how hard it is to sit at school all day to come to make it all, its a long day man. Ill ride it around tomorrow i hope if it isnt raining then paint it friday. YAY!!!!!
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    I must say, every couple of weeks you get a guy like you come here and say how they are going to make one, then you never here from them again, but you've actually done it! Well done mate, cant wait to see the result! Now I really dont have an excuse not to build my own, great to see a lad like you have done it! You should be really proud! Thats really made me want to go out and build one now, hmmm I think theres an old Mitsubishi TLE43 engine in the garage....
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    hehe yeh i saw a few that said they made one then never heard from them again, nah ill be staying. If been waiting for about 3 months to get a motor of some sort so im not going to stop making it thats for sure. I did change my design 10 thousand times but o well. Cant wait to ride it around my dads carpark today after school yay!!!! I got a real good bike to, suspension on the forks and one on the frame under the seat. XD Its a comfortable ride.
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    well the bike is pretty much done ( and looks so sexy....... ) I just gotta clean the bike a bit and take off a few stickers that look **** and paint a few bits like a few things on the motor. The mount looks so nice and is bloody strong, i think people will be using the same design for there future builds as its simple yet effective. My dad painted it Satin Black, he rode it around and now he wants one ( hehe ) it goes like 5 km/h idling so no throttle at all with him sitting on it. Thats how fast it goes. It will go about 60km/h top speed i think.

    Tomorrow i just have to finish it off my doing a few things to make it look nice and clean the fuel tank filter or get a new one as no fuel gets through. The only fuel it runs on it when u primer it then the fuel in the lines goes in but when that finishes it stops so i need to clean or get a new filter.

    Ill bring my camera tomorrow and take some pictures, O man it looks sexy. Best one ive seen so far XD. I think everyone should be proud, it will defiantly turn heads when i ride it and also its very quiet, it was loud when it was a whipper snipper but with the spindle on it, its quiet as. If your car window was up u wouldn't hear it so thats good for the neighbours and for me with the cops as its sorta not legal LOL!!!! The motor is the right size but i gotta be 16 to legally ride it. O well, better not get caught then!


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    check out my pics of it it the "Picture Gallery" section, i made the mount a lil stronger than i had it before and tuned the carby right so it doesnt go 5km idling, now it goes just about zero idling and goes real fast. I haven't got more than 1/4 yet as it goes but wen i get 200m of straight road ill try get it to half. i went around the block in a commercial area with it and a guy almost crashed staring at it while driving lol. Some guy drove real slow next to me and im like o ohh but he was just lookin, smiled then drove off.

    Everyone on my dads street where his factory is came out and looked at me racing up and down the street. They were really impressed of what i did, hopefully the cops are too hehe.


    Make sure u look at the pics, there cool!!!!

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    well i rode home with dad driving behind me and he said i got it up to 40km, it felt real slow and sluggish so i tuned the carby and now it feels like its going double the speed and doesnt feel sluggish, it also climbed a 35-40 degree angle hill no probs, didnt even struggle. B4 it would slow down climbing a 5 degree slope so its much better now and sounds wicked. Ill get a video up of it going full tomorrow night.
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    I'm interested in how much wear you will experience on your roller. I know nothing about the wear characteristics of the various grades of aluminum (is it 6061?). My steel rollers wear enough that after a summer, I had to rough them up.
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    yeh i got a flat spot on my spindle from riding on the wet so i had to use a file to redo the lines for grip. The alu is **** soft, my dads going to get some rubber tubing to slide over the spindle so its rubber to rubber= more grippy but also wen its worn out u just take it off and slip another on and never rewen the alu spindle. Oh and btw i got my bike up to 45km/h!!!
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    Wonder if some tacky backed sandpaper around the peg would work. You'd have to change it fairly often and use zip ties on the ends of the peg to keep it from unravelling... as well as wrap it the right way. But you'd get great friction.