Motorized bike build

What kind of drill do I need to drill a hole for the rear brake, I see harbor freight has a 12v drill, I'm not sure how this compares to a higher voltage drill? Would it be sufficient?

Also any reason why it dies with the clutch in? if I'm not giving it gas it dies?'

think I heard I have to adjust idle screw
My opinion here. I'd buy the 29$ version 18v one, more umph. The 12v one will work too. Don't forget to buy the titanium drill bit set [$7.99] while there, save you a trip back. Make sure it has the size you need. The cheap steel drill bit set is worthless unless you're drilling wood.
The last few mornings when I looked at my head near the exhaust, I noticed there was oil on top I’m wondering why?

Each morning I torque the heads bolts to 144 in pounds and tighten stuff up

Can someone restate what happens when you tightened the head if the studs aren’t bottomed out?
when you ride the bike…
Do you feel a LOT of buzz in your hands on grips, butt on seat, and feet on pedals?
I don’t know but I just went with the torque wrench and it had loosened so much I was able to turn the stud by hand

Hopefully nothing is compromised

Going to take the head and cylinder off and retighten those studs

I was told to thread them in hand tight so I went easy with them, I think I need to make them all snug