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    I need some advice. I'm sailing around the world writing for sailing magazines and producing, and sailing films. I'm looking to build a motorized bike and need some advice. I'm a big guy 215 lbs and i need something powerful. I also would like all stainless steel parts if possible. The marine enviornment is tough on bikes. I have a canondale mountain bike I'd like to convert. I'm in Panama at the moment and the closest store is about 40 miles away over mountains (road), and I HATE TAKING THE BUS!!!!!

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Alex Dorsey

  2. skyl4rk

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    From the point of view of simplicity and ease of repair, I would suggest a friction drive system.

    You don't necessarily need a high powered four stroke, but it would be nice. If you have to lift and carry the bike around to get it off the boat and onto a dinghy or dock, you might be best off with a good 2 stroke which will be lighter (for a comparable amount of power).

    If you are going 40 miles, then reliability is important. Don't go with a chinese 2 stroke kit, get a Japanese motor with a friction drive, there is less to go wrong.

    You may need a slick type tire with a friction drive.

    This would be a good one:

    A front and rear suspension bike would be ideal for this type of setup.
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    I was going to recommend folding bike with a friction drive motor. If you already have a working C'dale and you have room for it on the boat, you might as well use it.
    I guess an electric powered bike would be less suitable for the boat, with corrosion issues and limited opportunities to charge the batteries.
    Sailing and motorbiking sounds like a pretty nice life!
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    Sailing is a nice life. I live on over 95% green power generated by my solar panels and thought hard about electric as I don't like to burn fossil fuels. It would really limit how many miles I could travel though. I'm a big guy 215 lbs do you think a friction drive motor would be sufficient? I've never ridden a gas bike. I saw a guy tooling around in one in Colombia and thought it was pretty cool.

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    Yes, 215 lbs is not too large for any motor bike. The only time you may have problems is when riding through puddles of water, the roller tends to lose traction a bit.