Motorized bike on sand. Is it possible?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by petesgonefishing, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. petesgonefishing

    petesgonefishing New Member

    I do alot of beach fishing. I was wondering if anybody ever built a bike strong enough to drive on soft beach sand?

  2. kerf

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    Don't know the answer to your question but I will share my experiences with you. Several times I have hauled my bike to Gulf Shores, Al, which is on the Gulf of Mexico. I haven't ridden on the beach but up and down the paved roads that run along the coast. On returning home, I have to pretty well tear things down to get the sand out of the chain, sprockets and bearings. If you can do what you ask about, would maintenance be an issue?
  3. Flapdoodle

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    Like kerf, I really don't have an answer, but the owners put a truckload of gravel down in front of my shop on top of plastic sheet with the idea it would prevent weeds from growing.

    When my bike was only HT powered if was a great effort just pushing the bike to the road and left deep grooves in the gravel. After adding a 650 watt electric front wheel to make it a hybrid I can walk it to the road without effort, then start the HT.

    After some practice I found I can ride through the shop door full throttle on the HT and electric, but stability is a problem to the point of being scary.

    In desert sand, say 2-3" deep the HT handles it nicely. I use dry while spray lube on the (#41) chain so it does not collect sand that I can tell.

    Anyhow, on a beach I suspect control would be as much an issue as it is in deep, loose gravel except where the sand is damp.
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  4. petesgonefishing

    petesgonefishing New Member

    never thought about that

    I guess the sand would tear it up quick. I'll put it on the back burner for now. Main goal it to build a bike capable of making it up hills as I will be using it as my second vehicle for river rafting.
  5. Wheres my dog

    Wheres my dog New Member

    I have....

    I have a GIANT boulder 21 speed with a EHO35 sitting ontop of a GEBE setup and here is my experience in a local sand pit...

    There seems to be a VERY fine line in riding it in very loose sand....

    The faster you go, the more you wobble side to side, up to and including fishtailing and tilting.

    The slower you ride, the more control you have, but even with my huge MB tires digging in, it seems to bog down at very low speeds and "sink" in if you will.

    In my humble opinion, I myself would not use it at great lengths in loose sand just for safety reasons. Would it be feasable to "walk" it over the beach and go fishing?
  6. Karryhunt

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    Your nuts.....sorry I just can't think of any other way to put it.
  7. wildemere

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    My beach experiences here in Australia's east coast.

    Third or fourth gear/full throttle on an 600 is fun, just don't turn the bars or adjust the throttle, lean to turn. Second or third gear with a 250. Smaller bikes don't do so well. This is on soft sand/dunes.

    On the hard wet sand near the water anything will do it. Even a normal car.

    But getting to it is the problem without 4WD.

    I can beach drive after lots of rain at low tide with a 2WD car.

    But it is not good for the vechicle. Sand and salt then rust. You can't get it all out later.

    A motorized bike would require a full service after a beach run.

    Try it at low tide after some rain.
  8. Hajuu

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    **** yes, I take my bike offroad all the time - it's most likely one of the coolest things you can do with a solid build.

    I wouldnt take it on the soft sand on the beach, but on the harder sand near the waterline youd be fine
  9. petesgonefishing

    petesgonefishing New Member

    I guess I am nuts as posted but how about this a two wheel drive bike anybody ever built one? I have seen a two wheeled ATV type motor cycle in the back of some sporting magazines. If I stick with this and nobody else has done it I may give it a try after I figure out how to build a regular street bike.
  10. JFK

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    I don't know why anyone would think your nuts.
    A sand bicycle is something I'm sure alot of people would want.

    This one is pretty extreme, but the guy did it.

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  11. ashley johnson

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    i remember watching something and there was a bike that was tested in the sands but it was a bike controls but like a snowmobile back and got wicked speeds
  12. loquin

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    :jester:LOL! I HOPE you meant 'You're [you are] nuts...' :whistling:
  13. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    I agree.

    Hawaii Ed helped me walk and carry my 100lb bike thru miles of sand at Ka'ena Point Park, Oahu. Engines aren't allowed in the park, but it wouldn't have helped. The 26" X 2.125" did not help.
  14. Email

    Email Member

    2x2 AWD Bicycle (Christini Bikes)

    On a regular bicycle for sand and snow you are effectively reducing your front wheel to a plow or ski and are wasting energy on your rear wheel. To be effective in sand or snow you need a two wheel drive system. The only bicycle I am aware of that exists as a AWD is based on the Christini system.

    I am not going to describe how it works, but I will put up the links:

    Christini's Site:

    They also make an AWD motorcycle.

    It's quite interesting because as those with a front mount engine (motor or electric) they talk about how well the steering handles (because it pulls the bike along) and also helps to balance out the weight on the frame. The cager I and my wife drive is a Subaru Outback. I prefer the feel of an AWD car, I would love an AWD "motored" road bicycle.
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  15. Karryhunt

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    Can't you see that that thing is photoshopped?:grin5:
  16. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    I have taken my bike in the sand, I must admit it was VERY VERY fun, especially the wet pack. It was a complete hoot!

    Over a year later I was still finding sand in stuff.
  17. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    My bike, "The Dragon Lady" was all-wheel drive.

    My new bike "BBHUFFY" will also be AWD.:cool:
  18. Hajuu

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    Looks like the engine on that thing is freaking tiny though?
  19. We ride the beach all the time. Soft sand can be difficult. THe harder sand is better. Its beautiful on the beach at nite we go down the beach with no problem with our solar lights that run eight hours plus.

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  20. gothicguy64

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    pardon me

    but would not a trike with 3 inch rears at 15 psi doing 15 mph be enuff ?
    motor any 48cc
    frame std frame or a easy bike frame
    u cut to fit rear trike kit