For Sale Motorized Bike parts Friction drive; Goped and Tanaka engines

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by prichmon, May 15, 2015.

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    The kids have grown beyond the scooter and motorized bike stage...

    1 kit is a stock system BMP friction drive with extension arms for the mount; throttle and kill switch.
    I have been using a older Snapper 41cc engine from a weed wacker. I updated with a walbro carb and Goped airbox.

    asking $165 for the system

    1 BMP kit is upgraded with Staton larger roller (1.375 as I recall); bearings. Aux. fuel tank mounted to the C channel.
    I ran a Tanaka TC47. (not the R).

    I also have the following scooters:
    Bladez moby XS mostly roller 50
    Bladez Moby XL Comp 40cc asking $250
    Bladez Moby XL 35cc (no suspension) $200

    Goped sport G23 with billet deck and grips $180
    Goped sport G23 stock $150
    Goped GEO Bigfoot with GZ25 rebuilt engine with new crank asking $300

    Any questions please LMK.


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    bumpy... make offers.
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