Motorized bike piston rings

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Kash66, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Kash66

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    Hi my engine has lately been loosing power and making a grinding sound when I put full throttle. Also I've noticed a lot of oil dripping through the muffler gasket.Its a new engine 2 weeks old, is it possible that the piston rings broke inside.
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  2. Cylon

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    Nope, you can buy gasket material from napa and cut a new gasket to fit or just use rtv these motors Ive notice haven't produced enough heat or pressure to blow out the rtv on one of my bikes when I noticed the same leak. Could be your chain grinding, if it were the rings the motor would be really bad off you'd be lucky to get it running.
  3. butterbean

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    These motors can and do produce quite a bit of heat and pressure, and rtv is not gas or oil proof. It's a temporary fix at best. The excess oil dripping from the exhaust could be because your engine is broken in and you are still running too rich of a fuel to oil mix. I'd try mixing less oil in your gas first and see if that helps. Rtv is a lazy fix, because the real problem with the exhaust is that the flange is most likely warped from welding, and what really needs to be done is sanding or filing the gasket mating surface.
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    Ok thanks guys, my bike started fine with half choke. so are there any other signs that my piston ri bs have broken on the inside.