Motorized bike provides gas-saving adventures for Holly Pond

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Guest, Jun 22, 2007.

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  4. Too bad they didnt refer to the website huh?

    There would be like 100 new members overnight, lol. :grin:
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    Kimbo (Kim Bryan, the reporter) says she had the contact info at the bottom, but somehow it got sliced.

    The article went national, and inquiries are coming through her e-mail, which she has to foward to me. I think she's as frustrated about the contact info as me.....

    For the past week there have been folks appearing in the driveway at all times of the day, armed with nothing but the article and no idea where I lived.

    One guy said it took an hour to get close, then 40 minutes to get specific.

    BUT, I'm pretty sure is at the end of the video they did. My lousy dialup connection has made it impossible to watch, my viewing ability stops right at the end of the driveway (maybe 15 seconds).

    That is why I request one (or preferably many) of you internet savvy folks to help me out and upload it to YouTube.

    I've never even been to YouTube, so just can't git er dun.

    If you guys/gals would do that for me, paste all over the thing.

    Like I said, I haven't seen it in it's entirety, the photog was here an hour, and two of my bikes have Tom's stickers on them, so I thought it would show up somewhere/somehow.
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    And the kicker is, traffic IS increasing dramatically....and not all in a good way.

    Verrrrry early a.m., and I clicked on two registered online names I hadn't seen before, a sex guy from Uraquay (sic) and a credit card guy with an Afghan flag....

    But there were 17 guests. :shock:

    That is one of the larger guest pools I've ever seen since we started.