Motorized bike reaches the speed of light!

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  1. They say that if you don't have it on video or pictures, it didn't happen. Well, that must mean that if you DO have it on video, then it MUST HAVE HAPPENED! Check out my video of riding the Andian as I throw caution to the wind and go in pursuit of the ultimate speed barrier- the speed of light! Watch the video and you'll see how light warps as I begin to go faster than the light that is around me and my view of the secluded test facility where we ran these experiments becomes distorted. I got in two runs but had to shut down each time as the temperature on the surface of my nose began to rise as I cut through the atmosphere.

    I mean, here's the video! It MUST be true-right?!!!

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    OMG! It's true!

    I had a look and you really can clearly see how approaching the speed of light affects the space time continuum and causes the monitoring equipment to go wacko!

    However, I suspect that your equipment may need some minor re-calibration - it is possible to come close to the speed light but it is clearly not possible to go faster then it... Please re-calibrate and re-test. Perhaps shielding your equipment with a faraday cage would help. I think your speed really was (roughly) 0.999 the speed of light.

    Amazing that you managed to achieve this without stuffing your bike (and yourself) into a particle accelerator... I think that your mix of 32:1 (multiplied by pi and subtracted from E=mc² of course) was key in achieving such astonishing results.

    Keep up the good work & a Nobel prize is sure to come your way!
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    does this mean were closer to spaceships like in Star Trek cause that would be awesome
  4. The real question would be, "Does this mean the Enterprise was a two-stroke?"
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    see i knew the engines were simpler, they just over complicate it on the TV programmes
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    Yes it does! However the space ships wont be powered by some science fiction "warp drive", but with either one HT (geared down a bunch of course) or with 2 HT's pulling in tandem (over standard 44 tooth sprockets). Using a SBP shift kit is also not out of the question, but clearly more research still has to be done. One thing that has to be sorted out is how to effectively cool an air cooled engine in an airless environment.

    Added bonus is that there is no wind resistance in space so MPG should go through the roof, also the EPA has no power in space (to my knowledge) so a cat-less exhaust (or even a poo-poo pipe) may be used to up the power a bit.

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    Since E=MC^2, as you approach C, the speed of light, it takes an amount of energy approaching my question is, as the amount of energy you requires approaches infinity, what kind of mileage do you get?
  9. Still pretty good. I've got the clip on the top slot. :dunce:
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    Yes it was.... I present here an exclusive photo that was made before the original series was released.


    You can clearly see a chrome HT muffler in it (heat management problems prevented them from mounting it inside the craft). In the end they decided to use a black muffler as it was much easier for the CGI department (with there limited technology at the time) to "erase" a black muffler against the blackness of space.

    Smokeless oil was used during the filming, and when there still was too much smoke to remove with CGI they simply overlaid a nebula cloud image over it.

    I don't know what engines they used in the newer series (info never leaked out) but I would assume that they used a 4 stroke due to tightening emission regulations. HS? Honda? HF?

    Sorry for kinda taking over the thread Motorbike Wanabe, for some strage reason I couldn't resist :rolleyes7:

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  11. Any hijack that would make me laugh that much is well worth it!

    Thanks !

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    See that's the most astonishing thing about this Hough....

    It seems that contrary to the theory the HT actually acts exactly the opposite way! As the amount of energy required approaches infinity the mpg also seems to near infinity - ie no visible consumption at all :D It wouldn't surprise me if the tank would actually start filling up when speed of light was exceeded. This must have something to do with the effects of speed of light on space time continuum and the environment. I think that the gas is flowing into the carb before it actually flows out of the tank (makes sense?)...

    Poor Einstein must be turning in the grave, but that's progress - out with old theories and in with new!
  13. It makes perfect sense and we have a few clarified examples here on earth. Best example I can come up with on short notice. Consider this... study the thermometer outside and try to keep in mind, "Global Warming". It seems counter-intuitive but, in reality, the nano-physics of it bring about a totally unexpected outcome, totally opposite of what was expected. Clearly, we are on the cusp of another dimention (spelling intended), one who's workings are foriegn and its ways are beyond our understanding, but not beyond our experience.
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    I don't think

    That thing is Legal in any state !!!!:jester:
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    I was actually riding Motorbike Wanabe's bike today and I didnt experience any kind of speed of light phenomenon. Maybe because I'm too fat and it drags it down too much. But seriously, nice videos.
  18. Nah John,

    I just didn't show you where the "secret switch" is. Once you've got your clearance to fly, then we'll hand over the MIG helmet and really turn up the heat. :jester:
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