Motorized Bike Rear Mag Wheel Install w/ Disc Brakes

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I posted a few days ago that my standard bike rim walls kept forming cracks and splitting apart, and I'm now needing to buy and install my 3rd wheel in just over a year.

You guys informed me it's the brake pads chewing through the wall, and suggested I upgrade to Mag wheels with disc brakes.

So... I just got my new Mag wheel and disc brake, and I'm having a hard time finding any detailed instructions or videos online for how to convert to this new setup. Hopefully this post can be used as reference for others having the same trouble.

Now that I have the wheel, I can not see how the heck the rear sprocket is supposed to be mounted on the wheel. Supposedly the Mag wheel I purchased is made for motorized bikes, but of course, it does not come with instructions.

Do I need some sort of adapter for the sprocket?

Any help is appreciated, and I'm sure others would find the answers useful as well.


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Guest've never seen this up close. If anyone has close up pics, it would really help.

What item is going to be mounted directly to the wheel first?