Motorized bike rider dies

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by adrian101, May 28, 2011.

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    Well its obvious, they murdered him to take his cool chain tensioner.

    Seriously, we'll have to wait for more info.
    Once you get past a certain age it doesn't feel good to hear of almost anyone dying,,,, the list of "things you wanted to do before..." rolls through your head. :|
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    i saw on the news of his arrest in nsw .

    after been asked to stop by police he did .then was questioned on his bike .
    he then failed to answer the police so was handcuffed (he peed his pants )..
    on the way to station he died ....

    now police are checking if he was disabled in any way

    his bike was left in a shop and looks brand new
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    He had no helmet which is an offence in NSW and when he was stopped he was offensive to the police which probably aggravated things. His death was probably caused by substances he had been taking before the incident.
    We don't need people attracting police attention when the RTA already want to make us all illegal. I'm sorry he's dead but at least he can't be prosecuted now and other morons who ride without helmets in NSW might believe the police killed him and start behaving like responsible road users.