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    my name is paul im new here but have been motorizing bikes since 2000.
    my current project is a 1960's beach crusier bike with a 80cc "raw" frame mounted engine and a homebuilt jackshaft kit
    this is my third build my fist kit was an island hopper friction drive unit ,.. on that i have about 2000 miles,..
    after pedaling home in the rain a few too many times i decided to do a chain drive bike and got a angelwings 50cc bike ,..two rear wheels later i started working on a jackshaft. currently im in the final stages of building my second jackshaft prototype (test drive monday? waiting on the wheels!)

    the bike,... typical murray beach crusier mid 1960's i think
    ebay special was barely used and stored for decades,..

    RAW 80cc motor with pull start,..

    jackshaft 3/4 inch shaft,.. engine side 30 tooth sprocket on sick bike parts freewheel and freewheel adapter (modified for 3/4 shaft pedal side 36 tooth sprocket to a 16 tooth freewheel,.. inboard of pedal freewheel 13 tooth fixed gear (both mounted on a threaded adapter)

    the 13 tooth fixed gear sends power of pedals and engine to a 8 speed sturmey archer internal gear hub with drum brake (25 tooth cog)

    the jackshaft and gears work out to in first gear to be like a 60 tooth sprocket,.. in top gear (8th on hub) it is like a 20 tooth sproket mounted on the rearwheel i should have very good hill climb and high speed

    anyone needing help with figuring gears out, my mechaninical drafting degree,.. and the two years i spent in engineering school make me very good at it,...:D

    front wheel matching sturmey archer drum brake ,...

    lights (dual engine powered) (white wire) with a small 6 volt battery being charged by a rectifier & regulator circut.

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    Hi Paul, welcome to Motoredbikes!