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  1. fx-2

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    Moved to Tucson 7 months ago an have not used the bikes at all . First one it a Worksman frame with all the good stuff , front drum brake ,Monark springer , worksman alloy wheels , Sportsman Pat tank , MM intake and sprocket adapter 40 tooth sprocket , Jag CDI box , expansion chamber and a real Dellorto 16-16 carb . It's plated in Cal. The other bike is a Macargi frame springer front forks with disk brake . The wheels are HD from Piston bike 12 ga spokes double wall. It has a MM sprocket adapter with a 44 tooth sprocket . The motor has a long intake with a Dax RT carb . A Jag CDI box and a Jag expansion chamber . It has a Push 70 cc high compression head . It too is plated in Cal. Both motors are Jets an are ported and matched to block they also have up graded bearing . The Macargi has about 20 miles and the worksman about 300 miles . dscn0905.jpg DSC00879.JPG DSC00875.JPG
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  2. ellindio33

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    wht are you asking for the bike
  3. fx-2

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    Which one are you asking about ? Dan
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  4. siouxindian

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    how much for the bikes. there is not a price that I can see?
  5. siouxindian

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    I like to have the black one?
  6. fx-2

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    The Worksman that the black one , I want 1200.00 for it
  7. angelo212

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    Are these bikes gone? Are they pickup only? I'm in NJ.
  8. fx-2

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    I still have them . I will ship . The price is for local pickup . Will check on freight cost if you want . Dan
  9. 5-7HEAVEN

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    How much for the cannon?
  10. darwin

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    20 years flat!
  11. angelo212

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    How much for the Macargi? It would have to be shipped. Would it be possible to ship with the engine still attached to frame?
  12. fx-2

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    I want 600.00 for it . I think it can shipped with the motor in the frame .I would say remove wheels , handle bars and seat . Not sure about carb . Thanks Dan