Motorized Bikes - Saviours of our planet

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    G'day bikers
    I'm an environmentalist, meaning I try to think environment first.

    During the past few years I've witnessed Peak Oil, climate change and the global financial crisis unfold. We've got to start living within environmental limits. That's how I came to putting a motor on my bike.

    Furthermore, I invented the HybriPed Sprocket that could make your motorized bike even more economical than it is now.

    Check it out on my website and let me know what you think.

    Cheers, HybriPed

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    Well, it looks like a good idea to me. Being able to totally dis-engage the engine drive line would help to make these MBs into better pedal bicycles.

    My only concern would be the strength of the unit. But it doesn't seem over-complex.
    We can trust that you used parts that are stout enough for the job?

    How about cost? And are you prepared to ship to the USA?

    Oh.....and while I'm at it, welcome aboard.
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    The first order of things would be to say welcome to the forum. In looking over the link provided it would seem you've done some homework and could provide lively discussion.

    Before taking up too much of the content of your post it might be best to point out the admins here might like to have a word about vendor rules and declaring yourself as such if that is what you are about.

    Noting that, this might not be the best place to get into it but I have questions whether you're just using the same fiber type clamshell and some of your contentions on 2 vs. 4 stroke applications.
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    that looks very interesting
    thinking that many will wish to know more

    we like to ride those motor bike THINGS
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    Nice idea you've developed there. It would be utterly simple to take that idea and make it engageable/disengageable whilst rolling with the equivalent of a locking choke cable. Set it so that default is disengaged, pull the engage cable handle and slide it into lock, and hit the throttle. I'd go with three pins set 120 degrees apart and engagement slots set 60 degrees apart - gives a more positive lock and transfer of power, is actually simpler to implement, and would engage quickly on pull - one-sixth of a wheel revolution at most before it engages.

    It's amazing how such simple ideas get overlooked long after they would be both useful and technologically feasible at a pretty low cost.
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    Thanks for replies, guys
    The HybriPed Sprocket will be distributed through Grubee distributors. Give one a call and let them know you are interested.
    I have not sorted out final costings yet.

    Happy Valley
    Thanks for tip regarding vendor rules. I'll check that out.

    Good idea. Give it a go!

    Cheers, Greg
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    Welcome to MBc.