Motorized Bikes VS Mopeds

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by boyntonstu, Jan 16, 2015.

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    Mopeds are cool as heck, but different animals, apples and oranges. Mopeds are designed factory built to be mopeds from the gitgo. My 2 cents.
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    They're still being built in India, Tomos copies, and pretty neat.The two things that keep me from buying them, pedaling is for starting only (in practical use), and changing tires is a nightmare, may as well have a motorcycle.
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    I agree with the video narrator; the main reason I have a motorized bicycle is because of it's legal status. Here in Brazil I can have a 50cc motorcycle and not need a plate or license, but you get stopped at police checkpoints and asked for your documents because you look like a normal motorbike/scooter.

    I've been through 2 checkpoints on my 50cc motorbike; the first time they checked my documents (the receipt and my ID) and let me go after confirming it was 50cc, but the second time they threatened me with made-up laws when they realised I was a gringo. It's not uncommon here for police to plant drugs on people that defy them, so I paid the 'fine'.

    I've also been through 2 checkpoints on my motorized bicycle, but haven't been stopped. I don't ride the motorcycle much anymore, I get too stressed about being extorted again. The MAB is so obviously not a proper motorcycle that they don't stop me, don't find out I'm a foreigner and don't rob me, which is nice.
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    A motorized bicycle is a moped...don't believe me? just ask the State of Florida
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    If you call the tail of a dog a 'leg', how many legs does the dog have?
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    After 8 years and a million posts on FLs mab laws I don't believe anything as what's correct. FL posters on that subject are nutz!
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    Motorized bicycles, in my opinion, have a lot of advantages in most states. However, in states like New York, gas assisted bicycles are illegal, but you can register and ride a 70s styled moped (with pedals). Riding a Tomos Arrow is not a bad way to get around.
  9. professor

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    My motored bike (212cc) is functionally a moped (really like a mini 3 speed motorcycle), but looks like a motoredbike because I purposely put the gastank behind the seat to retain a bike look and it has a bicycle frame (reinforced/ gusseted).

    Besides that, I can pedal up to about 10mph- which you can't do on a moped, they go real slow.
    I have no doubt a real moped would require less messing with but you take the good with the bad.
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    I always thought (I am 53 now) that a "Moped" was, essentially, a "Motorized Bicycle". Hence the "Mo (motor) + ped (pedal). If it has two wheels and can only move via engine power then it is a "motorcycle". The step through lightly powered motorbikes we see today have come to be called "scooters"but they are really just "motorcycles" as they cannot be pedaled.

    The world is not a fan of bicycles and I am afraid that it has little love for the moped/motorized bicycle.
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    MO(tor) PED(al)

    nuff said. motorised bicycle is moped.

    i found one of these one the side of the road... (dumped!)

    cept mine has more fairings and pillion pegs/seat...