Motorized Biking



does anyone know how widespread motorizing bicycles is? Nobody i've talked to around here (jaxson, ms) has any clue about it. i can't really find too much on the internet either. i am really excited about the potential and i'd like to get to know other enthusiasts. if i'm lucky, this bike won't get ripped off like the rest of my stuff and i'll be able to enjoy it.
Totally unpopular. I don't understand why, people are just lame. Everywhere I ride, people stare at me, no matter what. I saw one other kid with a motorized bike in my home town, and one of my buddies here at school made one too. Sometimes I opt to ride my motorcycle as I don't feel like being a clown.
i dont understand why they arent more popular either it seems like theyed be everywhere with the fuel efficeny and the cost of the kits and nearly everyone has a bike to outfit it to

maybe in a few years we can expect to see more of them
My theory is that people are lazy. I hear lots of people say "oh thats cool, i want to make one" but they never get around to actually doing it. Having a motorized bike is great here in California, because you don't have to pay any taxes or insurance on it, and you can park it almost anywhere.
Motor /bike :)

I do not live that far from you (Baton Rouge) I have been making bikes for over a yr and a half now unfortunately the one's I sell go to the out lying areas.
Most love the bike ( I ride mine back and forth to work everyday and take it shopping) I am always getting a thumbs up or a honk and a wave . Once in awhile you run into those with rectal cranial inversion but not often....even to cops around here love the bike and the motor cops will cruse with me and that is a hoot. If some one stole my bike all the cops around here would know who the bike belongs to as it has a chopper tank (2.5gal) a school boy rack and 2 baskets (the school boy rack is to stop skunk tail as the fender fell off around 200 mile mark) it is all in how you handle yourself. I love my bike I love riding it and the next poker rally they have around here I am going to get about 4 of us together to go on it (as long as the interstate is not on the run) maybe if you can make it down here we can make it 5:).
If you want a great site is cool and we are all crazy about these bikes and some of the guys are geniuses when it comes to these rice burners
motokruisers ........

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we are every where :LOL:

I forgot to tell you we are all over the country and in Europe they race these things some of the guys on th other site are frome Estonia and they are cool to talk to .

We are using digital cameras for racing here in N. Alabama

I sold 3 bikes to some drag racers, they take the bikes on the trailers all over the region, use them in the pits to do chores, like go get food and parts in town.

We now have a few bikes in this rural county, and we figured all's we needed was to introduce "gambling" and we could make it a sport worthy of NBC coverage.

We started by agreeing on 4-5 checkpoints, about 80-90 miles total, with a 2 week window of opportunity, "honor system" for times, $5 a head, winner takes all. Well, these guys knew a lot more shortcuts than me, and my $20 vanished in the air.

So we changed the format.

We call it "digital challenge".

Mt. Cheaha is the highest point in Alabama. Whoever makes the challenge first takes a time/stamped pic at the "starting point", usually a "Welcome to:" sign. Then when reaching the peak, take a second pic, time/stamped "finish".

In Mississippi you could do a Natchez Trace challenge, pick a town convenient to everyone, take a pic (start) and race 100 miles, take a second pick (finish). That gives everybody a target to shoot for.

My problem is I stop and talk to gawkers, in just about every town I pass through, at gas stations and cafes. As a rule, I avoid fast food joint, mom and pop places are where you get the most attention, possibility of convincing a local to join the MB movement.

That is how I think we can sell the concept, I am disgusted by 70 percent dependence on foreign oil, and pretty well tell the owners of SUV's with patriotic yellow ribbons magnetically attached that "you are the problem, wasting 2 gallons of gas to go get a durn newspaper/coke and moonpie".

Anyway, what I was getting at was "gambling is the key". It doesn't have to be money per se, but loser buys lunch is pretty handy.
I live in a mountain tourist town and ride mine around and people just stop in their tracks to see my bikes. In fact I get more attention than a West Coast Chopper when we have motorcycle rallys.

I rode in a parade a couple weeks ago and was on the front page of the newspaper. I think it really bugs some guys that they put so much money into their bikes but no one pays attention to them when my stretch crusier motor bike is around. They guy behind me in the parade was trying to pass and get in front of me cause he couldn't stand that everyone was checkin out my little chopper.

Tons of people want one I can't understand why more people don't get one. Laziness I guess, it can't be the money factor.