Motorized black mamba roadster project in Kenya

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    Hi all,

    I'm a Dutchman living in Kenya since March and planning to start a motorized black mamba roadster project here. Last week I visited Gilgil, a small town to the west of Nairobi. There I came across boda boda bicycle taxis, and even many that engines in them! See my Kenyan Bicycles set on my Flickr page:

    Before last week I was already planning to buy a bicycle here, but since seeing the motorized version, that's the new aim.

    At the end of the week I'm going to the most western part of Kenya, Kisumu city. There are many bicycle taxis (boda boda) there and also motorized versions. In Nairobi I have not been able to find an engine yet. Hopefully I will be able to find one in Kisumu.

    Some of the motorized bicycle owners in Gilgil told me that the engines sold in the shops at the moment are not good though. Their engines are about 3 years old and much better. The problem I'm having is that none of the engines I come across have any make or brand on them. How am I supposed to know which engine is which??

    My questions to you guys, do you have any advice on what to look for in the engine. And can you advice me on some good makes?

    I will be updating the progress I make on the bicycle here. The plan is to get a head light, leather back seat, passenger foot rests, strengthened back passenger seat, mud guards etc.

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    I bought an engine today. Seems to be a Chinese make but had no box, manual and the name plate seems incorrect. It says that its a 100cm3 engine (YD47) which seems to be incorrect. Does anyone know engine with this number on it? The Chinese characters state: 中国广州三和助力车公司 "Zhongguo Guangzhou Sanhuo Zhuli Chegonsi". Can't find anything on them on interet though....
    On the rectangular fuel tank it says "Xiaobaitu cf50".

    I am missing the chain guard which I can hopefully pick up at the shop.

    Bought a second had oval shaped gas tank already. So hope to be installing it all this week.

    I don't like the exhaust pipe color, so might paint that with heat resistant black paint.

    2012-07-28 12.10.53.jpg

    2012-07-28 12.10.00.jpg
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    Went to the local bicycle repairman and worked on the engine today.

    Was hoping to drive home on it but had to pedal...the engine won't run yet.

    Have installed the back sprocket, cdi, carburetor, throttle handle, clutch handle etc.

    When putting on the chain I still had to press the clutch lever to get the drive sprocket to turn.

    Later in the process we tried to start the engine and nothing, also no spark as far as I could see. I then took off the drive gear cover and now when trying to put it back together the cover won't fit anymore. It seems that suddenly the bucking bar won't move in any further. There is a ball bearing but I can't seem to get that out.

    Have searched the forum for the solution but can't find it. First I have to get the drive gear cover back on, then I can go forward and try to start the engine again. I hope someone has the answer to my dilemma.

    With the drive gear cover off I was able to bicycle like usual and I drove the 7 km home just by pedaling.
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    Just an update.

    The bike rides and I've ridden it for about 50km so far.

    Just want to post some pictures of the homemade carburetor solution I made. The stock NT carburetor is such bad design, the part that connects to the manifold anyways.

    Having no spare carburetors in Kenya and most sites not shipping to Africa meant I had to come up with a solution myself.

    I welded a clamp that clamps behind the carburetor and connects to the manifold. I put a rubber gasket in between to prevent any air from escaping. I also have a fiber gasket, but the black rubber one seems better. Anyone have any advise on what gasket to use? More people should be having problems with their carburetor/manifold connection I imagine. Some pics of my carburetor solution.

    I put the needle ring to leaner, but still as soon as I disengage the engine it revs much higher than when it is engaged. Any ideas on this?

    Here's a photo of the finished bike in the sun.

    What's left is the chain guard, and a better kill switch.
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    Made a copper fuel pipe from some refrigeration pipe. Will try and make one with more loops but this one looks nice.

    Also made a new air filter from a soda can, so far it seems to run a lot better.



    Edit: Actually posting the pics in the message does not seem to be working....
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    I really like the design of the bike itself, and the fuel line looks awesome, really good idea