Motorized Cannondale Mountain Bike

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    For Sale: Motorized mountain bike

    Start with a used Cannondale aluminum alloy mountain bike frame. Add top of the line Shimano gearset, shifters, and brakes. Buildup a new rear wheel that can handle the torque with parts including 12 ga. stainless steel tapered spokes. Mount a Robin-Subaru 35cc 4 cycle engine kit. Results: A super heavy duty bike that can do mountain trails on the weekend and get you to work during the week.

    This bike was a test bed to determine whether or not I could build these and market them at a profit. I've invested over $1,700 into this bike. No market for motorized bikes at that price in this area. So, it's for sale for $800. A good entrepreneur can part it out for much more.

    This bike was built in 2008. It only has ~400 miles on the engine. The engine is not even broken in. . Help me get it out of the garage where it's been collecting dust for two years. With the present gearing, it will do (with a bit of pedaling) 28 mph on the flats and you can expect well over 120 mpg!

    Bike includes:
    Professionally installed Golden Eagle Bicycle Engine kit (35cc Robin/Subaru 4 stroke engine, clutch, Teflon belt, and rear wheel adapter); professionally built rear wheel; bike professionally re-built; Planet Bike front and rear LED lights, Ergon GP1 grips, Cateye Velo 5 speedo; Topeak tool kit; two MSR 33 oz. fuel bottles with mounting brackets; service and instruction manuals; three spare Teflon belts, three spare fuel filters; one spare countershaft sprocket (higher speed but less torque).

    Pictures on request. The bike starts on first or second pull and runs beautifully.

    Price $800 cash
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