Motorized Fixie Build Video

LR Jerry

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Mar 14, 2011
Liked the video until this guy showed what an idiot he is when it comes to obeying traffic laws. Blew right through a stop sign and riding on sidewalks. This kind of stupidity is what gets laws enacted banning motorized bicycles. All to often people have bad cycling habits which gets transferred with them when they become motorized bicycle operators.

Thumbs up for the build 👍thumbs down for not obeying traffic laws 👎


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Sep 23, 2013
Great now your thumb won't rust. 😄👍🏾

I liked that it had no sound, I usually dont enjoy the sound and then I complain about it, so best to leave it out. Lol. 😂
Maybe the sound is off on my browser (I don't think it is) but I am computer Illiterate. ☺

I wish someone just left an engine on my lawn! 🤩
No one ever has! 🥺

Anyway it didn't explain what you were doing to the cylinder. Polishing? It looked pitted inside the bore. What durations did you decide to port to? How wide did you take the intake and exhaust and did you redirect the transfers at all or raise or angle the transfer roofs?

Pushing the cylinder down onto the piston rings after connecting the piston to the rod was the incorrect order for doing things imho and risks breaking a ring into the crankcase. That's dangerous to the engine imho and to be responsible it shouldn't be recommended to newbies. Imho!

You'll always get disagreement here on the forum because its free to criticise lol! 😅

i guess thats whats so bad/great about YouTube you can show one way to do things and its always going to be a lot better and more convincing than my bike build reply video (reply videos would cost $$$$ to make)!

I will just assume you were on a closed road, private estate, or w/e. I wouldn't know. 😉😊

Thank you for trying. For putting an effort in. Even though I am still going to criticise.


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Nov 14, 2018
Fun Video
Wont take long for the guy in the video to have an accident.
The rattle can paint job, as soon as he spill gas on the tank it's gonna look like st^t