Motorized Gas Bike Question-Need help and suggestions

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    I am very new to this forum. Can anyone please kindly tell me as to where I can to have a centrifugal clutch installed on my motorized gas bike? I'm having trouble finding what stores or service centers would do this for me. I have a 29 inch 10 speed Genesis bike with a 2 stroke engine that operates on a manual clutch. However, I'd like to be able to ride my motorized gas bike by being able to fire up the engine automatically. I have a centrifugal clutch which I purchased online last year for only $65 and it's got a pull start as well. However, I know nothing about how to install it on my bike and I am not made for this type of work unfortunately. With a centrifugual clutch I'd be able to automatically power up the ending on my bike instead of having to use my manual clutch while riding on the road because I notice many times when I get ready to stop at a stop sign or red light and stop with my foot brakes, the engine turns off. Then, I must pedal really hard again by holding on to the clutch and then slowly realeasing it before the engine powers up again and this is difficult for me. With the centrifugal clutch I would just use the pull start and then whenever I had to stop at a light or stop sign, I could just move forward by moving my throttle grip.

    Again, I would appreciate any help. What are my options? What stores or service centers do you know of or could think of that would provide me with the installation of the Centrifugal clutch on my bike? I reside in the tampa bay area-Sarasota-Bradenton area-I live in Manatee County.