Motorized Great Divide Rider joins forum

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by s7pete, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. s7pete

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    greetings, I bought a Golden Eagle 33cc Tanaka setup and mounted on my Gary Fisher Tasajara. All this for one purpose - to ride the Colorado section of the Great Divide mountain bike ride 26 July to 10 Aug - 600 miles. There will 6 of us, the ride is on mostly dirt mountain roads, we will have several 11,000ft passes (3k elevation gain over 20 miles). We'll be unsupported and will have to haul about 50 lbs of camping gear, clothes, food, water. I'll be using a B.O.B. trailer. I'm 73 and while I 'could' pedal it, I'd slow up the other 5 riders on our 'team' unmercifully. Hence the motorized bike. I have some concerned about hauling this load up mountain passes and will be posting my concerns in the main section.

    regards, s7pete

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    Welcome to the forum. I hope I'm still riding in my 70s. I wouldn't try the continental divide ride at my current age.