Motorized Kustom Kruiser Roadster One Off Prototype

I've had this bike and the parts around a year now and hadn't put it together due to health problems. It is for sale, I need the money badly. I wanted to share these pics with everyone here. It is for sale for 1400.00 but will sell it for 1300.00. I have not marked up ANY of the parts and bike over what I paid. I will make around 165.00 total. I easily have over 20 hours of labor into the bike. I repacked the rear coaster brake hub and front hub on this new bike (with no miles) with Mobile 1 sythetic grease. I hope it will sell soon. Road testing is complete. I hope you enjoy the pics.

BRAND NEW MOTORIZED KUSTOM KRUISER ROADSTER equipped with DDM GP420 motor (41.5 cc two-stoke (40mm bore, 33mm stroke) performance machine. Designed after the high-revving Zenoah RC style motors, it features a 4 transfer port 40mm cylinder, high-performance case pulsed Walbro carburetor (19mm bore, 15mm venturi, independent high and low jets, DDM high velocity billet intake manifold, DDM Full-Shield Air Filter Kit) "hemi"-style combustion chamber, and full-circle crankshaft, 4+HP @14,000 RPM). Fuel: 91 octane or higher mixed 25:1 with 2-stroke oil, MSR 22 ounce backup fuel container (total fuel 44.5 ounces), TS Exhaust Manifold, DDM custom fabricated 47cc Pocketbike exhaust. This build was just completed February 29, 2008. Belt drive (Kevlar reinforced), Velo Webspring saddle with crash ring, Sunlite seat bag, leverage startup handle, Planet Bike Protegé 8.0 Bike Computer Cyclometer - 8 function, two underslung side mirrors, Blackburn Quadrant and Mars 3.0 Combo Bicycle Light Set (front/rear), Delta Airzound 115 db horn, TS Exhaust Manifold, custom fabricated 47cc Pocketbike exhaust, front and rear tires have thorn-proof tubes with slime (flat resistant). Pedal with or without engine in operation. Street legal, no driver's license, registration or proof of insurance required per Arizona Revised Statute 28-2516:


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Very nice job!

The only thing that I would add is that you deserve to make a profit from your efforts. I couldn't afford that bike at the price that you should get. Maybe there are others here who are in the same spot. If so, then sell it to some yuppie who doesn't know a wrench from his elbow, but who has some "show-off" money.

Getting a return on your time and effort is no sin.
Looks sweet!! Any ground clearance issues, the engine looks a bit low.

It's possible to scrape the plastic on the edge, but you could scrape anything if you lay it over far enough. For general purposes, it corners fine in most situations up to 20 mph and not just at 3 mph.