motorized mountain bike RSE performance kit + SBP shift kit plus expansion chamber

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    motorized mountain bike RSE performance kit shift kit + expansion chamber, QLD +

    hi up for sale is my beloved project, motorized mountain bike rock solid engines 80cc stage 1 performance kit + SBP shift kit plus expansion chamber.


    Ive got my mountain bike shift kit project up for sale.

    its got a stage 1 70cc rock solid engines performance kit, comes standard with ported and polished head, performance carby, performance cdi, lead and plug. ($370 - delivery)

    the engine rolls in a $400 mountain bike with dual disc brakes, adjustable and lockable front shocks, 8 speed with quick shifter, dual pull brake lever.

    on the engine is a sick bike parts deluxe shift kit costing around $350AUD, also comes with a sick bike parts performance expansion chamber (around 80AUD)

    im selling this bike because ive got no time anymore with work and now getting more into putting together cars and less with these bikes.

    the bike is 99% complete all that needs to be done is fix the drive chain to the correct length (chin breaker supplied), and fit the SBP exhaust (although it already has a standard muffler on I was going to wait till I broke in the engine to put it on).

    plus as a bonus it comes with a 9, 10 and 11 tooth sprocket included.

    pickup only from QLD (Brisbane Northside, (Northgate), not too far from Brisbane airport.

    this bike has cost me well over the purchase price, plus an enormous amount of time has gone into putting this bike together.

    will get pics up soon.

    will part out my pride and joy for around $300 less than the purchase price of the parts. (not including around another $100 in miscellaneous parts)

    so the asking price is $900obo

    hi pics wont upload on here ill post a link to another site im selling it on so you can see pics. -
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    make me a offer??
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    You'll probably do better with an ad in your local paper.
    ... Steve
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    ye ive got it on ebay... are we allowed to post ebay links?
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    I think so. I've seen it done before.

    You know, you'll have a much better chance of getting your price if you sort the chain out. I doubt that you'd get anywhere near $900 with it not running.
    Is there any reason why you can't do it? (Alignment problems or something?)

    ... Steve
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    well I dont know ive never put one of these kits together, the total cost of all the stuff ive bought is just over $1400, so I think that around $900 is pretty resonable.
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    I have no doubt that it's worth it, mine is up to a total of $900 now, for bike, engine kit, head, 3L tank etc, but it would be easier to sell if you could show it with the engine running. Without the chain, it can't be started.
    ... Steve
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    im just not motivated anymore and have no time to finish it if I was going to finish it i would probably keep it for my self
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    what do you need to finish it???
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    nothing just to fit the chain properly, I tryed one but made it too loose and then left it there, the engine has been started once then the chain fell off because it was to loose ive also got a mikuni style carb with remote choke if whoever buys the bike can have that insted of the deltoro carb.
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    someone make me a offer as i need the money for a car.
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    What's this? More info on the bike you're selling?

    ... Steve
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    no just a bump
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    ill be selling my chopper soon cause I got pulled over this morning not allowed to ride my bikes anymore :(
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    hi mate have you still got the bike how much for the shift kit
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    long sold.