Motorized new to me


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Feb 27, 2008
Hi Everyone!

I have to first say thanks for what you have set up here. I am a 52 year old boat repair guy who likes traditional living. On the other hand, I like to see positive transition. So...I want to set myself up with a motorized bike. If I could find a way I would go for a magnetic motor. Or an electric motor with a solar panel docking station.

I'll start with buying an electric motor kit. Where do I start?




right here, our "Electric" area:

granted, it's not very comprehensive at the moment (battery tech. & cost still being a real drawback) but we do seem to be attracting a few serious e-riders lately...and since you have to start at the beginning anyway, why not read thru it all, post replies to interesting topics to get more detail, maybe start yer own "research/build" thread so we can see what you're thinkin' :)

and this may go without sayin', but you'll need to know a bit about
prepping & maintaining a bicycle for high sustained speeds :eek:

welcome to the MBc :cool:


Feb 26, 2008
Welcome Brian.
I'm new here myself, and just went to gas from electric. Are you anywhere near Philadelphia ? The reason for asking is I would be happy to GIVE you an electric kit. It's a U.S.Pro-Drive (Currie) I purchased several years ago from Electric Vehicles Northwest. It will move the bike @ around 16-18 mph. Range is about 10-12 miles without pedaling, more with. The motor is like new, as it has less than 200 miles on it. It just sat in my basement for years. The battery is still holding a charge from a couple years ago too. Every part is there. Nothing missing.
- Alan