motorized pedalcycle in pa.

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    Hi Everyone !i'm Pyewacket ,a New Motorbike Enthusiast And I Just Got A New Ezmotorbike And Also A Dealership For It In The New Hope Pa. Area. I've Got My Motor Strapped Onto A Trek 820 And It Just Fits. I 'll Keep Y'all Posted As I Work Out The Kinks ~i Can Tell You Now She's Lite And Hot !!!

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    Welcome to the site. Let's see some pic's of your bike.
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    Welcome .

    Hey Pyewacket,
    welcome to the forum . There's all the info you would ever need here for this hobby .
    I'm in Montgomeryville PA and i make it to New Hope all the time . Enjoy your bike this summer !
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    Welcome to MBc pyewacket!
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    the chain stays on

    thank you for noticing!!(eeyore is my alter ego !) i appreciate the wecome , red carpet treatment , and i'm happy to find so many who are as addicted to motorbikes as i am ~gimme some time on the pics~gotta get 'er cleaned up after the installation wrenching session etc. I have a small airport nearby where i get av gas ~man does this EZ ever want to go ,but i'm breaking her in slowly, lots of oil changes et al. summer has taken a big turn with my hot new two wheeler!! film at 11.!!! pyewacket
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