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    ok my idea is if you have a trailer for your MB, and you carry alot of luggage and it wears the motor out too quick how about a motorized trailer to help the MB, lol MT and MB, so like you have the engine in bike then another engine in/on, the trailer. it would give you heaps of power to carry lots of luggage and if worse comes to worse and one engine quits you still have pedlas and the other motor. you could have the controls hooked up , like a double cable style clutch lever, get a long clutch cable so it reaches and turns with trailer, and maybe design a double throttle , or maybe a dirtbike throttle( like push pull but one controls one engine and the other controls the other one?). some one else could or has probably already done this or could explain betterthan me but it is another one of "simons"(well actually mine...) great ideas( simon of the anz add lol...) ok just speculate and give your thoughts, and btw if this turns in to a thred like my other one ill have to murder someone lol...

    o sht sorry volunteer staff wrong forum, should have put in push trailers... sorry and ssrry moderatiors
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    Check out the push trailer thread. All kinds of stuff in there...gas, electric, nothing in steam or sail I don't think. :grin5:
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    lol, i know the answer to green house , get some to push you instead... lol