Motorized "Shaft Driven" Bicycles!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Mike Lynch, Jul 21, 2009.

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    It's possible. There are several different shaft-drive bike makers (Dektra, Dynamic, Incline (Biria, WebBicycle).) Some caveats apply when trying to motorize them, however.

    A happy time frame mount should work as-is. SBC's shifter kit, though, probably won't, without some engineering work, using the standard, rag-joint sprocket. Possibly, creative engineering's hub adapter could be used. All bets are off when it comes to the wider 4-stroke frame mounts, which typically need a wider crank.

    As far as rack-mounts go, Staton's chain-drive system could be used, with some adaption. (the sprocket mount would have to be the same as a frame-mount, per above, but, you would want to add a freewheel at the gearbox)

    Staton's, Dimension-Edge, BMP, and others' friction drives could be used as-is.

    The GEBE system could be used as-is.
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    the old shaft drive unit has been seen around here before on bicycles
    looks to be a good thing
    although somewhere it is mentioned -- possibly not that strong ???
    have owned some shaft drive motor cycles
    liked them pretty well -- but noted -- they got some large shafts on those THINGS !!!
    thinking that we will be seeing more of these used on bicycles
    mentions somewhere about the ((clean factor)) something for some to be noted
    my motor bike THING and I enjoy getting dirty
    as we ride those THINGS
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    pretty cool.
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    Everything goes around... I have illustrations of shaft-driven bikes from the dawn of cycling, right around the turn of the century. Chain-drives were in their infancy, and the few available didn't work all that well. The simple shaft and bevel gears worked OK.
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    Yup, from the Pope Bicycle Co. a hundred years ago:
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    and we thought

    and we thought that it was someTHING fairly new

    did Pope John Paul the 3d and 1/2 really ride that THING ???

    dang amazing

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    that old bike has had some serious riding done on those (what look like) metal tires..... lol