Motorized StingRay Chopper Delux 4" recline Real 1 Gal. Gas tank

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  1. My Friend and I designed this and Fabbed 'er on up. He usually does the Stingrays but I decided I wanted one for all the trade shows and such to put around on.

    1 gallon tank (I guess Im the only one that ever orders them from accross seas)
    The front brake anchor is fabricated then assembly was installed, Then the seat is set back 4" with new stable brackets and Gusseting (3/16'= 6.25") Making it ridable being they start out too scrunched up, Then the new Sprocket assembly made from american steel is attatched to the rear hub and spokes, The the rear bearings come out and HIGH QUALITY ROLLER BEARINGS(SEALED) are installed after some turning.., Rear motorcycle tube is installed for superior pop resistance, the exhaust is fabricated to match the ports of the engine block..Keeping the standard timing, the intake is a rev style slight stack with port matched steel flange.
    There is the option to go from the heavy 415H chain to a 41 chain (Motorcycle standard) and sprocket geared (40 tth) to get you up to 30. But on this one We used a 415H(Quality one).
    A quality Fabbed Chain tensioner with a roller wheel turned out of a high quality Skate board wheel
    was used. Levers on both brakes front and rear are the Levers that I get from Surmey Archer and are used with Drum brakes on my Custom Blackie and Tucker lee Ol Grey. They have a little slower pull but have authority because they pull soooo much cable. Thanks Rick SpeedSter

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    Likin' that tank. Cool build
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    Looks very slick to me!