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    I have decided to build a motorized tadpole for my next motorbike..I have read all of Alaskavans posts and rode the bike he modified..These things are a little bit pricey...I am thinking ..26in rear wheel..BMX front wheels...maybe rack mounted motor..maybeGXH50..will fabricate frame out of 1 and 1 1/2 inch steel square tubing..will be a little beefier and longer than stock tadpole bikes on the market..still have all my welding equipment , including TIG..but no longer have access to machine shop equipment....Been looking at the Atomic Zombie web sight and the plans for the Street Fox Tadpole ...I really do not know about the steering or derailleur configurations that would be applicable to this project...Any input, ideas,thoughts from you guys would be appreciated...Turtle

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    atomic zombie is a great site!! Brad's plans go into all the details.

    here's another site.... full of ideas! my tadpole is loosely based on Fleet's 20/20 Heavy. (mine's 20/24 ) also, look at Tips/Tools/Help
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    Srdavo..that tadpole you have in your picture album is about what I have in looks just right for a motor in front of that wheel...I think I would rather go with a frame mounted moter..weight down low rather than over the rear tire...would look better too... thanks for the link to that sight
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