Motorized thruster fixie build for sale! Anaheim,CA

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    I have for sale a brand new built motorized bike! The bike was finished on 5/21/14 and has only been started to ensure it works properly. The motor is mounted on a thruster fixie bike and is a 66cc 2 stroke. Yes you will need to use premix fuel. I have also added the double pull brake lever to help with breaking performance. This bike is street legal in ca and you don't need a license or registration to ride it. You only need to be 16! Great for suspended license drivers looking for a way to get around. The bike get about 125 miles per gallon and the tank will take you about 65 miles. The bike has a top speed of probably about 30 mph. I've never actually measured it but it'll go as fast as you'd wanna go on a bicycle. Text me to come check it out or make an offer. This is a brand new build don't miss out!

    price is $500 OBO, bike is in Anaheim, CA

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    Did you read this?

    You also need a $20 lifetime plate.

    The California laws you are quoting are for ebikes.
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    there's a big difference between "legal" and "cops don't care"
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    Haha not around anacrime... There's plenty else to worry about than a bicycle with a motor
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    Yes, it's true that Anaheim cops usually don't care about motorized bikes being legal
    but you are still misquoting CA ebikes laws which do not apply to gas bikes.

    Take a ride to Newport beach, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and you got a chance of tickets
    and getting your bike impounded.