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  1. moosejaw02

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    anyone build motorized trikes?

    my mom is somewhat handicapped and would like to ride a bike, but cant get it started due to her disability and the possiblity of falling isn't a great one for us. also, the seat would need to be pretty high.

    any ideas?

    Jeff kaplan
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  2. slickdude

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    Yeah I built one a battery one though, not gas. Which are you trying to build?
  3. allkimike

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    Moosejaw I built two push trailers that I connected to two different models of Pennenger trike. You can check them out in the push trailer section of the forum. The Pennenger trike is a delta trike. They sit high and were overbuilt at the factory. The push trailers were very easy to build and I used Harbor Freight 4 stroke motors which were very inexpensive. My wife is 72 yoa and does a good job of starting and riding the trike. Sun bike makes a recumbent trike called a USX 3. It has a suspension shock and is very heavy duty. I am considering one of those and adapt the pusher to it. I have been very happy with the way these trikes perform and I don't have a lot of money tied up in the trailer but then I already had the trikes. Mike