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    I build trikes for disabled people who cant ride any more.sometimes it is there first time to ride anything with wheels.Of course we ride them also.This all started with building donated bicycles and giving them to kids or anyone that cant afford one,so far we are at 189 bikes trying for 200. 0825121644.jpg
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    There is always a need and never enough kind people to fill that need your a great person.
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    bikes are us ride on

    thank u we are so into the new shop,new up grating,we are becomin a real shop we are fixin to get a pipebender that will open a lot of doors for us.we can really start building bikes friend works at a lumber mill and he has gottin me so wood so im building new benches and a build table to make sum great bikes.we have a guy in cal that has never riddon on anything before and he is fixin to get a set of wheels of his own ride on
  4. I can't think of a better reason to build trikes. You are to be commended for doing that.
    There are a few around here but none with motors. I live in the hot desert and I see these seniors peddling in the heat and it breaks my heart. Then I think at 67 it won't be long and I'll have to put my Whizzer on three wheels. LOL.
    When you get that shop squared away sound off. I need to get my exhaust pipe bent.
    Keep up the good work. You are making a big differance in peoples lives.
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    Ya they go better with a motor on them.we gave 7 more away getting closer to 200.thank you so much ill do that whenwe get it togeather
  6. You sound like a busy man doing fun and good stuff. I am in no rush, until I start the bike, that is.
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