Motorizing a 3 wheel bike

Discussion in 'Motorized Trikes' started by dougsr.874, Aug 23, 2012.

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    I have been contacted by a young man with Muscalar Dystrophy to build him a 3 wheel motorized bike.....the best idea I can come up with is a front wheel mounted friction drive kit.....I have lots of experience with frame mounted 2 & 4 stroke kits....but no experience with friction drive...:: I seem to recall someone makes a front wheel kit .....My question::: Is my idea workable and if so, where can I buy the kitl.......
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    they have a front mount , it's all manual (you engage and disengage roller with a bar) I don't know the physical limits of the rider, if I were to buy another friction drive theirs is the one I'd buy for the sheer simplicity/low weight.
    I can't remember if "Dimension Edge" sells a front mount.
    I believe with a little metal work you can make most FD's work on the front, too bad I didn't save all the pics from the BMP site, same channel drive with different mounting hardware.
    Maybe "Thatsdax" could hook you up with an idea.
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    Look for a used "bikebug, bike bug, tas spitz" on ebay they will power a 3 wheeler.
    Bubblebee is once again mike of

    $350 for a used one and 500 for a new old one.

    I have two of them, fun and made well.
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    The Dax kits will easily work as front wheel drive systems on standard forks. If you don't have rack eyelets to mount the tension bars to, you can weld a couple of nuts to the fork for the attachment bolts, or possibly use the front wheel axle depending on hub and fork. Mine came with a short yoke and a long yoke for mounting to the frame or fork, and you can drill new holes or make one out of flat stock if you need a different one. mtn bike with fenders and friction drive on rigid fork. The trike would work really well.

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    Actually on bumblebee's front mount they have a cable lift. It's alot easier. what kit did ya end up going with?
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    Bike bug buys there kits from bumblebee and puts his own stickers on it. Bumblebee is in Florida. Mike (bikebug) is in Texas. I noticed there kits were the same and emailed bumblebee and few months ago and asked them and that what they told me. If you notice Bike bug uses pictures off of Bumbleebee's website. There calling the bumblebee the new bikebug. I like the old bike bugs with the tanaka engines those are killer. Little bit pricey though.
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    Hi nice motor