Motorizing a schwinn phantom, tire chain?

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    Okay try this again, didn't seem to post. I motorizing a schwinn Phantom, lots of chrome motor etc. have had a lot of difficulty with chain issues. Pretty much got it worked out except for one thing. The chain bumps the sidewall, I think it happens when the clutch engages and starts the motor. Leaves black greasy marks on the white wall. This is a show bike, I even made a gas tank to go inside of the fake one that comes on the frame. I'll post pictures later. Anyway, thinking about a narrower rear tire. I put wider a rim on the back, but I still have the original one which is narrower. Does anyone know about a narrower whitewall tire like a 26 x 1.95? Or a 26 x 2.125 that would have a flatter sidewall profile?

    Also I'm still working on chain alignment, and may need to move the motor bit, doesn't seem quite right? Anyway to check that?

    And the chain, I'm running the 450, which seems to stretch like putty, I bought a 410, but haven't tried it yet, because after much heartache, I got a maniac sprocket adapter, which gave me better alignment, but there advertisement states use a 450 chain only.

    The chain seems, a little funky, is there a need to polish up the small sprocket or wheel sprocket? I'm thankful for any advice, John

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    why not just make a thin peice of polished aluminum to go between the chain and the rear tire?
    it's common for the chain to rub the tire on some bikes.
    but, are you sure that your chain alignment is good?
    is the chain in a straight line looking at it from the rear?
    is your chain too loose?

    you can flip the rear sprocket over to move the chain further away from the tire, but then you have to double check your chain alignment.
    if the chain is running at any kind of angle when you look at it from the rear, it will come off eventually.
    the teeth on the sprockets are not machined very well, so you can dress them with a file to smooth them out.

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    Chain rub on Phantom

    I like your idea, putting a piece of polished aluminum in there somewhere, but not sure about what you mean or how to do that?

    You're right, that the alignment could be an issue I'm checking then again.

    Not sure about the sprocket gears, at the motor, and the drive. Do those need to be worked on a little bit like polished machined or something?

    And the chain, the 450??? Should I be using something else?, Thank you very much for your help John:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:
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    well, just get a thin peice of aluminum and polish it up. cut it in a cool shape, and attach it to the frame. Slide it inbetween the chain and the tire.
    if the chain is going to hit anything, it;ll hit the aluminm rather than the tire.
    Kind of make an internal chain gurad i guess.
    but make it look cool so it doesn't look like just a peice of aluminum thrown on the bike.

    well, i filed my teeth down on my rear sprocket because the chain would bind on the teeth.
    I just filed the leading edges of each tooth to smooth them out so the chain wouldn't bind up on them teeth. the teeth will wear in after awhile from riding tho.
    im not sure on the chain, but i'm using 415 chain on both of my bikes...this is motorcycle size chain.