Motorizing a Western Flyer

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    I am motorizing a Western Flyer (Westfield, MA) with a 66cc Flying Horse that was painted white along with the gas tank. I had to remove the 50T chainring because it wouldn't allow the installation of the engine. While I'm waiting for a 28T chainring to arrive, I started the engine and it was quite loud. The cylinder head has a ring to it when I tap it and I feel that some of the noise is a result of the cooling fins vibrating. Is it advisable to press fit pieces of rubber or wood between the fins, and if so, where is the best place? Also, it appears to me that the throttle cable may be longer than the sheath around it. Any comments about that?

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    That is an old trick, placing pieces of rubber between the fins, and yes it works well and will not adversely affect cooling. There should be lots of posts on this in the forums, use the search bar for more info. The throttle cables on these kits are usually too long, they are made for a universal fit, which means they universally fit nothing. Try thatsdax, they seem to have the best selection of cables for these things.
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    Welcome to the forum. What year is your Western Flyer? Mine is a 1976 model. It was made in Tennessee by Murray.